Saturday, September 21, 2013


It's a great big woof woof from me...I'm sorry I've haven't been on the blog for a be honest my crafty old Mum and your favourite bundle of golden deliciousness have had a bit of a tough time lately...all because of a pesky little pimple they found on my leg.  My old pal Mark (the vet) took one look at it and hey presto before I had a chance to turn and hightail it out of there...I was booked in for surgery the very next day and he was was a nasty piece of work...a Mast Cell Tumour...yes that scary Big "C" word and this all happened the night before my old Mum was due to hop on the train to Sheffield. Talk about throwing a spanner in the works and everything up in the air...there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth (not from me I hasten to add) but after lots of betwixt and betweening and reassurance that I would be in safe hands with Mark and Dad would cope with the nursemaid duties...we persuaded her to go.
What they didn't tell me was they would be going crazy with the razor again...baldy patches everywhere and that once they got me asleep the vet would be practicing his sewing skills on my leg...
nor did they happen to mention the pain in the ass headgear I had to wear day and night for 2 weeks...
the newly painted walls have taken a bit of a hammering and will require some major touch up's here and there due to my lack of spacial awareness...well if I knew what that was perhaps I could work on it. Of course I've been the perfect patient...doing what the doctor ordered and hey the stitches are out...the headgear is gone and I'm looking forward to being back to my usual bouncy hooligan self again.
On a serious note...there is a chance this nasty blighter could come back and catching it early is important so an all-over body check is now part of my daily routine...please don't dismiss any lump you find on your doggy chums...however small and innocent looking...get to your vet asap and get it checked out.
As if I haven't had enough to put up with...there's been whisperings that I'm going on a diet...apparently I'm obese...well what a blinking cheek and how rude...I will admit to being slightly CHUNKY but there's no need to be offensive and use the "O" word. The thought of being on half rations doesn't bear thinking about and I may well be popping over to your In-boxes with urgent appeals for food parcels if fluttering my big brown eyelashes doesn't work.
But now for some happy old Mum is home this weekend for the first time in ages so we're off out for a "spending some time together" kind of a day...I'll be chasing rabbits and rushing around sniffing while the old Crafty Girl brings up the rear.
See you all the meantime Big Hugs & Snuggles