Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Best Laid Plans....

Morning folks...I know I said that yesterday was going to be a work today but things didn't quite go according to plan at the weekend...I'm back to the drawing board on the card for the Fiskars NEC workshop...the colour I chose is now discontinued so I'm home with lots of options and just need to decide which one to go with. The new Hero Arts stamps and dies will be arriving at The Papeterie this week...more decisions to make about what I'm going to use for my demo and workshop on 17th March so a trip will have to be pencilled in to the list of crafty things to do...another "killing two birds with one stone" recee morning of coffee cake and chat...the sacrifices us crafters have to make in the name of art. In the meantime the cubbyhole is at a bit of a standstill in the work department so what better way to wile away the day but have another play with Art Parts and some of the new goodies from Hero Arts.

And today is looking like another play day...I'm abandoning the cubbyhole to meet up with my GJWTHF buddy Debbi for a day out at the flicks...we're off to see War Horse and don't worry I've packed the tissues...hopefully enough to mop up all the tears from the bubbly bairns.
See you all tomorrow over at WOYWW
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ah Kath indeed the sacrifices we make - do love this little pice too of to check out some of the goodies enjoy the flicks, Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Gorgeous Love creation. Love the vintage style of it. Hope the movies is great.

  3. Beautiful Love creation- Kath, Have a great day, enjoy the movie, I have read the book, sooooooo good, Hugs May x x x

  4. Kath what gorgeous creations you have there!! oh my I need that newspaper stamp...roll on february pay day!! all this months pennies have dissapeared on a poorly Holly!!! but she's so worth it.
    Shame about the fiskars hun, but I know you'll come up with something wonderful!!
    hugs Lou xx

  5. Will need to see if I cant get into the papeterie havent been if for a while but trying not to buy to much just now but easier said than done for us crafters. Enjoy your film they say thats its great and I think you will need those box of hankies. Aud x

  6. Looks like Art Parts LOVE you too!! Have a brilliant day at the pictures with Debbi & the little (or not so little) ones. Hope the alternative colour gets sorted PDQ (now how did that enter my vocab?)
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Have a lovely day, enjoy the film. I so want to see War Horse.

  8. Hi Kath love your creation.Sorry i haven't been about much but i have been feeling crap these last few weeks.
    Enjoy your day at the flicks.
    kathleen x

  9. OMW it's gorgeous again!!!!
    Are buddy and you prepared for the Siberian cold that's approaching? It ready hit Holland, -7 today icy cold wind from the East and we are towards -14, brrrrr I won't leave my cubby hole for sure!!!!!

    Hug, Irene

  10. Lovely creation Kath. Hope you and Debbie enjoyed the flicks. Our over 50 club are off to see Grease on Thursday so no doubt we will be rocking in the aisles.

  11. Kath, this is wonderful, I particularly like the newsprint stamp. Love the colours you have used. A break will do you good, hope you enjoy the film.

  12. Super beautiful!!! Love your creation! I have heard good things about War Horse...want to see that myself! Have fun!

  13. Love your art parts piece Kath... it's beautiful. You always come up with such unique designs..fabulous!!
    Chris xx

  14. This is gorgeous Kath, loving the colours. Hope you and Debbi enjoyed the film.

    Can't seem to get anything done after the fiasco with my laptop last week! I have been knitting though, for the WRI. And I have made some more cards for communion tokens as we got a few orders.

    Kat xx

  15. Hi Kath, hope you had a lovely time, I want to see that film too. Off to hospital again tomorrow so have a nice day.Take care, Hugs x ChrisB

  16. oh wow this is brilliant Kath love this alot xx

  17. You are amazing Kath - I love this project - I think I need that newspaper stamp. Darn, I think I need everything I see!!!


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