Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday

Morning's Wednesday and time for all us nosey-parkers to join in the fun over at the first WOYWW of what's on my workdesk today....well I have a confession to make...absolutely NOTHING because I've been struggling to get back to the CRAFTY WORK STUFF but TODAY is definitely going to be THE more's big girl knicker time....with serious Fiskars deadlines haunting my every waking hour...I need to give myself a proverbial kick up the butt...ditch the lame excuses of being laid low with the cold or gallivanting off to crafty sales and catching up with's time to clock on and get CRAFTING.
And the strangest thing...although I was almost at death's door with that dreaded cold...OK slightly exaggerating there...I somehow managed to drag myself to the cubbyhole and spend some time doing PLAY stuff...the Aide Memoire is finished and hanging above my desk in the cubbyhole...

now there is no excuse for turning up at the dentist on the wrong day...
I know it's a bit of a thought to return to work after the Christmas Holidays but hey all that lazing around and stuffing my face has taken it's toll...the old digestive system doth protest and will be mightily relieved to be returning to sensible fact right this minute I never want to see another chocolate or liquorice allsort again...I wonder how long that will last. Catch up with you all the meantime batten down the hatches and stay safe in this horrendous weather that's hitting the UK.
Hugs Kath xxx