Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just one more...

Morning folks...this will probably be the last Hero Arts card for a while...well that is until I can sneak in another play day.

I was rather hoping that 2 days of bunking off from the Fiskars Deadline Marathon Thingy might just kick start Mr Mojo but no joy I'm afraid...he seems to be as down in the crafty dumps as the rest of us.  What is it about January that gives us all a dose of the doom and glooms...is it the post Christmas excitement blues or the dark dismal short on daylight days...crikey it's still dark at 8 o'clock and even The Furry Boy has taken to snuggling under the duvet for a lie-in...by the time we rouse ourselves...go for our morning stroll...half the morning has gone. No amount of big girl knicker pulling up seems to be doing the trick either...I am sorely in need of a miracle pick-me-up cure so perhaps it's time to break into the cubbyhole stash piggy and have a little January Blues Retail Crafty Therapy Blow-Out.
Catch up with you all tomorrow over at WOYWW and who knows what will be on my workdesk. 
Hugs Kath xxx