Friday, January 27, 2012

Who would have thought....

Morning's 3 days since my downhill ski-ing adventure and this old codger...who from time to time forgets that she's not as young as she thinks she still suffering from achey leg syndrome...oh yes those 2 ton stormtrooper look-a-like ski boots and metal planks have taken their toll...perhaps it's time to hang up the real thing and stick to ski-ing with Mario on the Wii. And who would have thought that these words would ever pass my lips but I'm looking forward to a sitting down day at the computer nailing the last of the Fiskars step-by-steps...oops perhaps just one sneaky peek too many...
aided and abetted by my snuggly Furry crafty helper...just a shame that his attention span is virtually nil and very soon he'll be collapsed on the floor and snoring his head off...don't be fooled by the "who me" look...
Hallelujah...the cubbyhole has returned to normal...well as normal as it ever gets around here...the Fiskars samples are all boxed up and will be winging their way to Fiskars a la Francais tout suite but...
I'll be like a hen on a hot girdle until I know they've arrived safely...the thought that they might get lost en route doesn't bear thinking about...making them all over again definitely does not float my boat. But before we settle down for a step-by-step and coffee's time for some birthday wishes...
to my lovely buddies DEBBI and PBSC Teamie JENNY
21 again girls...hope you have an extra special day with lots of cake and pressies
big hugs from Buddy and Me xxx
I'll see you all tomorrow for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday which reminds me the DT card is still on "last minute Annie's" list of things to do today.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath, It's great to hear that parcel is signed & sealed ready to go off to it's new home, a great job done, I do hope your wee legs are feeling better after your expedition, hopefully you wont get a sore neck to match with all that writing at the computer today x x Buddy with those eyes you would get away with murder, you beautiful furry boy, have a super day both of you, Hugs May x x x

  2. Morning Kath, hope the old legs are feeling better today, and remember your only as old as you feel. Ha Ha!

    Bet you're relieved the your Fiskers parcel is posted.

    Should that read Hot Gridle not girdle but at least the hot girdle will keep your back warm :)

    have a good day.

    Hugs Carol x

  3. Wahoo . . . playtime now . . .
    Err, perhaps you should have split the parcel in two, then if one got lost you'd only have HALF to do again!???? xxx

  4. Clever you getting everything finished and all parcelled up. You are one busy lady and I do admire you going skiing - Well done you! Hope the legs are better.

  5. Definitely a 'who me' look there from Buddy. Just keeping his Mam in check with all the gossiping!

  6. Ahh bless Buddy looking all innocent, hope achy leg syndrome clears up soon!
    Hayley x

  7. Hi Kath and very cute Buddy, hope your achey legs are soon back to normal. Glad to see you got everything finished and parcelled up. Have a good day playing and relaxing. Hugs x ChrisB

  8. Hope your samples get there nice and safe and your achey legs soon feel bettter. Good luck with your step by steps.
    Lyndsey xx

  9. What ya like lol.....liking the look if the samples :O)

    you are one of my Friday Favourites today :O)

    Have a fab weekend


    Ali x

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes and lovely card Kath :)
    Glad you've got all your samples made and good luck getting your step by steps done and dusted :)

    Jenny xx

  11. Hi Kath,
    Glad you've managed to get those Fiskars samples off in the post. I'm fair looking forward to some Kath inspiration again. I should think that after a day on the 'piste' you deserve a lie down let alone anything else!!

  12. hi huni wow skiing aye it does hurt a bit the next few days ive heard lol not going to put myself through it anytime soon but at least it was fun,look at that face Buddy as if butter wouldn't melt bless him he is so adorable Kath ,try to put ya feet p and rest today if possible hun xx

  13. Hi Kath, glad to hear the samples are all done know and safely posted.

    I was going to do lots this week but a bit of a computer mishap. On Wednesday night I looked at it and there was a black screen with a message saying no internal hard disc detected! Excuse me you were ok a minute ago. My son diagnosed that I did need a new hard disc. Off to PCW this morning. And spent the rest of the day getting my laptop to co-operate. Wasted hours getting it to boot again. thought it would be simple. Needless to say then it refused to acknowledge my broadband. It was very close to wearing a black overcoat!!

    Kat xx

  14. Well I think those soft brown eyes were watching your coffee - to ensure that mug didn't upend itself all over those samples; since I can see they are safely wrapped I can breathe a sigh of relief. Hope you're less achey today (Sat).
    Paula (PEP)

  15. All I can say is if that were my coffee it would have been all over my computer and paper. You are soooo very brave and I do love your dog.