Friday, January 6, 2012

The Joys....

Morning folks...the joys of technology...OK when it's working but an absolute b****er when it decides to throw a wobbly and yesterday was definitely a wobbly day.  First job of the day is to check e-mails and lo and behold lots of messages to say heaps of pics had disappeared from my blog and been replaced by black squares...what's that all about....probably Mr Blogger throwing his toys out of the pram again and then my e-mail programme decided to throw a hissy error message everytime I tried to send an e-mail.  With photos and step-by-steps to send to Fiskars I was beginning to wish I had stayed up snuggly and warm under the duvet and of course the weather isn't exactly cheery is it but we can't blame that on technology.
Suddenly the e-mail facility is up and running again...time for a photo session with a Fiskars project that had just been upgraded to mega urgent with a magazine deadline of lunchtime...crikey have I upset someone...this is enough to send the calmest of folks over the edge because the camera decided it wasn't playing either...the battery was as dead as a dodo. Nothing for it but to put the kettle on....pull my hair out and have a mini nervous breakdown while the charger works it's magic.
But with everything back to behaving it's self and the project winging it's way into cyberspace...time to get cracking on this week's DT card for Penny Black Saturday and hey with my desk well and truly occupied by all things Fiskars....
I set to work on the postage stamp work area...can the day get any more awkward...but we did manage a little sneaky peek...that is if it hasn't turned into a black square with an exclamation mark....oh joy of joys...
Fingers and everything else crossed that lightning doesn't strike twice and that today is just a normal manic kind of day...if so I'll see you all over at Penny Black Saturday for the first challenge of 2012
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Phew, SO GLAD your photos/pics are back Kath and all seems to be fine now (fingers crossed). All this technology is wonderful - except when it all goes wrong and somehow it seems to take up so much time trying to fix it when we would much rather be crafting - plus it makes ME very grumpy!!

    Happy New Year Kath :-)

  2. Ooops, I must have set those silly gremlines off again - there are 2 pictures missing from the next post down on the 5th Jan: the first and the third photos have a black box and exclamation mark....sigh....

  3. Wondered what had happened as the post below has a black box with ! Which is what was showing on the preview yesterday. Hope all goes well for you today. Buddy must have wondered why Mrs Grumpy was about.

  4. Well - this seems to be fine but I am an oddball viewing with Safari. Just had a look at the exclamations from yesterday which are no more. Hope you have a better day today. Now wonder if that is an ear of bunny, mousie or teddy - all will be revealed tomorrow meanwhile I've got a day of travelling & Apple training (photography & watermars - & digis: eeeeek.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Well, all seems fine at the mo Kath, pics in place where they should be and looking good, Lets hope those gremlins will leave you alone from now on, I thought you coped very well Kath, if it was me the air would be blue, and I would be having one hot flush after another (lol), Hugs May x x x

  6. And they say crafting is relaxing! I hope you have a better day today.
    Hugs, Clare x

  7. Situation normal on your blog so far today Kath! I can see all your pictures.

    Good luck with getting your projects finished. xx

  8. Weird goings on here too Kath, Posted a post and Icouldn't see it on my blog but some folks could cause there were comments left in my email! Hope the conveyor belt runs more smoothly, love the sneak peak. Carolxx

  9. Hope today is a better day off to a good start anyway all your piccies up. strange that it was only you. must have something to do with all those winds.

    No wind today anyway lovely and sunny with blue sky's today, shame it's freezing cold.

    Nice to see your a picture of your desk in a clutter for a change.

    Hugs Carol xx

  10. Hi Kath you seem to be having a day of it.It can only get better.
    Kathleen x

  11. Hope the day is improving for you Kath. Looking forward to a new PBSC tomorrow.

    Karen x

  12. Ive been having problems with my blogger as well Kath hence why Ive not been using it, ive gave my computer another revamp so hopefully things will be sorted out now. Loads of yummy fiskars goodies there look forward to se what your doing with them. Aud x

  13. I think I'd've just gone back to bed lol
    hope it's all under control now

  14. drives you nuts when it all goes belly up!
    loved the wee sneaky peek!

    hugs to you & mr Buddy.
    Love teen & co x

  15. Glad you've managed to overcome all the problems Kath. Surely that's you had enough gremlins for the rest of the year! I had a look at your previous post to see the bits I missed yesterday.

    What a day but at least you've got the Fiskars projectssorted out and your PB card made. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it tomorrow.

    Kat xx

  16. Glad things are all sorted out now, technology - dont ya just love it!
    I love the sneeky peeks at your projects. Reminds me of the big picture on Catch Phrase - keeps everyone guessing.

  17. wow, did you have a day! got to be smooth sailing now after all the techno trouble yesterday. can't wait to see what you created in your mini cubby space, the sneak peek looks intriguing.