Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life After Fiskars

Morning folks...crikey we're fast heading for the end of January...the shortest month of the year February is only a smidge away and with March lining up to be busy busy for thoughts should be turning to getting workshops and demos organised but I've been having a bit of trouble with Mr Mojo and's the "is there life after Fiskars" thing...after a couple of weeks of being in a certain design set mode I'm stuck in the old sample bubble and all the usual cliches apply...glad it's done and dusted but left feeling a bit deflated...a lost soul wandering around the cubbyhole not knowing where to start...stuck in a crafty rut...even lining up new crafty goodies didn't kick start one iota of inspiration so drastic measures were the order of the day yesterday...start the day with one of those boring...big girl knicker...why did I start this...kind of jobs...yes labelling up the ink pads in my new storage thingy...a bit of a faffing fiddly job...
and you know seemed to do the trick...Saturday turned into a cubbyhole crew play day.  I had lots of fun getting mucky with gorgeous Art Parts from the lovely Wendy Vecchi and Mr H's Distress Stains...definitely an improvement on yesterday's feeble Floral Frenzy effort.

But with a list of crafty things to do a mile's not long before work stuff is invading the crafty brain again and top priority is sourcing supplies for my workshop and the Prima Demos at the NEC in March...oh yes the mega marathon kitting job is looming on the horizon but I have a cunning plan....if I start now I can have one day working and the next playing...why didn't I think of that I'm taking a trip this morning to The Papeterie for the necessaries to set the ball rolling and whilst I'm there it would be so rude not to partake of a bit of coffee cake and chat.  Time to put the new regime into will be a play day...tomorrow it's back to work and who knows I may just manage to fit in some more ski days before Spring...a fun day out in the bracing mountain air is a great way to blow away life's cobwebs and stresses and the old legs will just have to learn to keep up. And guess who's been having a little play with the Candi Stamps...a great way to make your very own Alphabet Candi...remember you only have until 8pm on Tuesday to enter The Furry Boy's Candi Stamp Give-Away 
Hugs Kath xxx