Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Square One

Morning folks.....I am a bit later this morning.....decided to have a bit of a body is feeling the after affects of my mega excavation job yesterday......decided I was fed up being marooned so I spent the whole morning yesterday digging out the driveway......well the cupboards were almost bare....a case of Old Mother Hubbard.....did eventually get the car out of the street and onto the so called "cleared main road"....and I had a hair raising drive to M&S only to find that the shelves were almost empty.....their lorry couldn't unload because the hydraulics were frozen....couldn't unload it manually because Mr Health & Safety would be on their case.
Managed to get a few morsels to keep us going and get home again safely.....but I am not taking the car out again....the condition of the roads is a joke...they keep saying that they are giving priority to main roads...but not here they ain't ....travelling in second gear and even then the car was sliding all over the place.  And then it started to snow again heavily and guess lovely black driveway is white once again......I give up.
But there is someone in the family who is loving all the snow....can't say the same for hubby.....

So just one itty bitty little sneaky peek today and yes your eyes are not deceiving could possibly be a snowflake.

My wrists are aching after my digging work this could be a bit of a no crafting day.  Catch up with you all tomorrow for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


Lynda said...

Take it easy Kath - you don't know how much your doing 'til it's too late lol. Can't believe they wouldn't unload the lorry that is just a lame excuse for idleness. Mr Health and Safety ought to take a hike!

Have a restful day!

Love Lynda xxx

Pumpy said...

I was wondering how you two were doing, watch all the news on Sky News. Be careful do not do too much, not good to be hungry though. Keep safe and warm. Health and Safety, does not seem to worry them if the UK comes to a standstill.
Lovies xxx

Christa said...

take it easy kath,so much snow ,, here in holland maybe 10/15cm snow ,not much ,but cold.
hugs christa

Eveline said...

I did hear and see on the news that Britain and Scotland got it bad! We're getting more snow tomorrow so I'm going to the shops this afternoon. Roads are OK now so I'm going to stock up.
Our dog loves the snow too.
Keep warm and keep crafting.

Anonymous said...

Sounds horrible to be out in! Sorry to hear. Hope it doesn't stay taht way too long.

Buddy seems to be a having a ball tho. Enjoy your weekend.

joey said...

oh Kath I have been complaining about our little bit of snowfall and ice, but gees you really do have it so much worse than we do, stay safe!.xxx

mckinkle said...

Glad that all of your effort was rewarded with a little something at the shop. The sky lloks amazing in your photo and Buddy looks so handsome in the snow!

Keryn x

Tiff said...

Yikes! more snow??? We dodged that bullet last night. Didn't get a drop even though the weather man said we would get some. Rest up!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Kath how scary! Hope this snow clears soon and we can go trekking again in our cars!
How disheartening to see a white drive again!
Glad someone is loving it though!
kim x

SueH said...

What a let down to do all that work on the drive, only to find your shopping trip was fruitless, especially as the journey there and back was so scary. For once I’m glad I’m on the Diet Chef diet…….I have a whole months worth of food in the cupboard. I’m having to fall back on frozen veggies at the moment but then I expect a lot of the fresh ones are frozen too!

As for Health and Safety thing…….When we were out shopping on New Years Day we stopped off at The Range for a coffee. We were told it would be in paper cups today. Why I said, I can see a stack of cups there just waiting to be used. No came the reply, we can’t use them because the dish washer has broken down.
Have they never heard of a sink of hot soapy water….what a joke!


Tinkertaylor said...

It's still snowing here up north I'm sick of it now I've even had to some housework to have a break from crafting! I know I'd go to the doctors but it's too snowy!!!

Diamond Doll said...

Oh no it must be awful not being able to go shopping.Where i live it,s not been too bad(so far).
Ha i bet it,s Buddy who,s loving it,my 2 dogs love the snow too.
Take care if you have to go out.
Trish (-:

Jo said...

It is all so picturesque Kath with the lovely blue sky. We have a little bit of snow here now for the first time in years!! Attempted to get to work yesterday but got a mile up the road and turned round and came home, so much for the clear main roads!! Take care and keep warm. Jo x

Anonymous said...

Oh My you get some well deserved rest!!!!!
Iam soo jelous we havent had any here!!!! a very very light sprinkle!!!!!!!The kids are praying for some!!!TFS
Have a lovely Evening Kath:)x

Enfys said...

How scary for you, I think we are all a bit fed up with this snow thing now, no longer a novelty. Take care, keep warm,
En xx


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