Friday, January 15, 2010

How Much Snow!!!!!

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Tiff said...

No snow here . . . yet. I'm sure there is more to come. It's so cold here in the south. 15 degrees this morning. BRRRR

Anne said...

Hello Kath -- snow just starting to melt out here by Alford . left a pic of Muffin and Freebie for the Budster on your bloggy friends corner. look forward to seeing you Sat at Jacqui's for the pro marker masterclass with Debbie -- you can tell me how to work all this blogging

Ann Rosie said...

At long last, the snow is starting to disappear here too!!! Unfortunately we've been left with some treacherous icy patches though.
Glad to know that you've able to get out and about to stock up for Buddy! - I'm sure that you and Andy had plenty goodies from Christmas left (although maybe not too healthy!)
Love and Hugs
Need to meet up again soon.



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