Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Rite.....I don't think so

Morning folks.....I have a bit of a dilemma and  I desperately need your help before I completely lose the plot....I received these Just Rite stamps the other excited when they arrived and couldn't wait to give them a try.....but let's just say the excitement quickly turned to a "real tearing my hair out day".    What do you it just me that can't get it seems like rather a lot of faffing around for what I must admit is a wonderful idea and fabulous effect but I wonder how long it took to get all those tiny letters in place.....because going by my efforts to do"Happy Birthday".....I am estimating about 3 days.

Firstly the little blighters are so minute that I can't even see the letters........ may have to invest in some mega magnifying glasses of the bottle top variety and trying to get them out of their little groove with the tweezers is a major operation but even worse is trying to get them into the groove on the stamping block and getting them to stay there

blimey this is mega precision stuff folks....master this and next thing you will be able to perform the most intricate brain surgery....and they have a real hankering after making a bid for dropped on the floor and who knows where it is.....down on my hands and knees and lots of finger tip searching ....but no luck....I fear it may be now swimming happily through the digestive system of "YOU KNOW WHO".
So if you have bought this set.....please can you give this old gal some tips before I lose the will to live and stash them away to the back of some drawer never to see the light of day again....all in the name of sanity.
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. Oh wow they do look VERY tricky, I had never seen these before!

    I don't think I would like to try them! Sorry!

  2. oh dear they do look fiddly! I have no idea i'm sorry hunni i've not seen them before..i do hope you find someone that has so you havent wasted your money :( i will ask around for you

    hugs Lexi xxx

  3. Hi Kath!!!
    I had an idea this may be the case,I saw them & ran a mile,LOL!!!

    Hope you get an easy answer (no not the back of a cupboard,LOL!!!) :o)x

  4. They look like a real pain - no wonder you were tearing your hair out Kath. I have seen these before but don't own any - so sorry no help from me either.

    I bet you they probably sell a tool just for transferring the letters - which is why they make them so fiddly!

  5. Well sweetie, I'm sorry to say this but I have a set like this and there are no hidden tricks...
    You basically nailed it: They are tiny and they pop from your fingers and disappear, they take a horrid time to fasten and they are cute but not really worth the effort.

    What I have done is that I have decided on a text I use often and just mainly keep the letters there, only changing them if there is a real emergency ;)

    It's a better investment to buy a magnetic alphabet cause that doesn't drive you insane fastening and removing.


  6. Whenever I use them I stamp the text a lot of times on scrap pieces of paper. They are indeed too tiny for easy use.

  7. Now KAth I'm glad you posted about this as I have been eying these up for some time now. Then saw them on TV last week too and thought mmm will I won't I. Don't think my Arthitic hands will cope with these, maybe the frames but not those tiny letters. Hope you get some answers. Have a super day.

  8. Gosh they look fiddly reminds me of the old 'John Bull' stamping sets..gosh showing my age now...
    Hope you get your problem sorted out soon Kath and sorry I can't help.


  9. Hi Kath I have some JustRide material myself but I also have glasses wich I need all the time and they work well for these little items. They say I am very patient, so maybe that's why it works for me, but it is still a very nasty thing to do. Although I love the result. Hugs Marja

  10. Morning Kath
    yes, the result does look lovely and I can see the wonderful idea behind it - unfortunately sometimes these things are best left as that - just ideas!!! Too, too fiddly.
    NB - Is Buddy now saying, Mum I need a P?
    Love Ann

  11. Hi Kath

    I think that Anne hit the nail on the head .. .. .. they are just like the John Bull printing kit!!

    I saw these being demonstrated on TV and did think they looked quite cute.

    Perhaps they were using a set with bigger sized letters because they didn't fiddle about much and seemed to be working quite quickly with it.

    They might be fiddly to use but what about making them in the first place? Does some poor person have to sit all day long and put those letters onto that storage block!!!!!!! If so they must lose the will to live by the time their tea break arrives.. .. just imagine having to count whether there are too many of one letter and not enough of another.

    Oh I'm going to stop thinking about it now .. .. it is doing my head in!!!

    Just forget it and put it in the drawer!!!

    Hope you have a good Sunday Kath.

    Love Jules xx

  12. Hi Kath! I have this set and I must say it only comes out when I really really want to use it! BUT my solution is to purchase more of the wooden blocks so I can keep certain letters mounted all the time (like your addy or From the Smith's, etc.
    Good luck- oh and don't judge the rest of their products by how hard these are to use - the other products are easier!

  13. I used to have a John Bull set just like these and couldn't use them properly then Kath and I was only about 10 I think !!11 Bin em and cut your losses :):):)

  14. Thanks for this Kath. They looked so easy to use when I saw them on Create and Craft last week. The fella demo-ing them had rather large specs, now I know why! I would stand a chance with these. :)xx

  15. Oh dearie me Kath, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from!! I asked for a set for my birthday and duly got one from a loving brother - I used it once to see how it worked and do you know what......I haven't used it since. I thought that it was far too fiddly for a single card, so perhaps I should take up other people's suggestion and leave the block set up for a multiple card, i.e. "Happy Birthday with love from Sam". So....any ideas or inspiration you get - please pass them on!!! ;-)

  16. OMG Kath I'm not suprised you're finding it fiddly. I hadn't actually seen this in detail before. I have to say it is definately NOT going on my want list. I really don't have the patience for all this messing about. It would certainly end up in my "I can't be doing with that" drawer pretty quickly!!!!


  17. ...and another thank you from me Kath - I was eyeing these up in the craft shop yesterday and said they were definitely on my wish list. Glad I read this post first! Perhaps the larger letters are best.

    Love Lynda xxx

  18. Oh sweetie... I can but imagine the colourful choice of words you must have used... lol.

    Will be interesting to see if they pop up in any future creations... even though I fear they may not.

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  19. I have all the Just Rite stamps. I LOVE all of them except this set! Believe it or not they have one set that is even smaller than this one. That package is still sealed! It will never be opened.

    Don't give up on the line, just this set. I don't know what they were thinking. Great in theory but it is not practical at all.

    I am waiting for my local store to get in the new releases. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

  20. The concept did seem a good idea Kath but if the execution results in a near death experience then flog them and use the cash to buy something else!

    Or, make up one sentiment and use only that!

    Keryn x

  21. Wow Kath I'm glad I didn't get those. Luckily I thought I would never use them. I have a set of Christmas borders and centres which I have never used as I haven't had time. Lucky escape for me. I have to admit that I can also remember a little printing set from a wee...ok quite a wee while ago! Think I'm with everyone else who says don't hash yourself with them.

    Kat xx

  22. I won my sets Kath but haven't been brave enough to give the letters a go. They remind me of a toy stamping set I had as a child though.

    I don't find it easy to get the centres and borders onto the block either.

    Cazzy x

  23. Hi Kath, I succumbed to a set of these, the one with three sets of alphabets, one of which is very tiny. The end result is good but it just takes too much time to get a sentence, I can hardly make out which letter is which, definitely won't be getting any more of these.

  24. Hello Kath - they remind me of a Printing set I had as a child! But my fingers were much smaller then. Personally I wouldn't have the patience, good luck.

  25. Hi Kath - I saw this on C&C last week, and have been mulling over whether to get them or not, and like lots of others comments, I can remember having a John Bull set! I think I will not be buying after all, even though I love the idea of how it is all put together.


  26. Kath,
    Thanks so much for the heads up. I always thought I might like to have one of these, but after reading your post and all the other posts, I think I will pass. LOL

  27. They do look pretty much the size of the old printing sets I had as a kid and I can use them though they are fiddly but I can see why you would have issues with them as my manual dexterity for such things is pretty high I know.. Don't think there really is an easy way to do it if there was I'd tell you. I'm just very careful when I do such things but then I'm the sort of person who makes 1/144 scale miniatures and chose to do Honiton lace rather than a more sensible one that grows at more than a half and inch and hour! so am probably the wrong person to ask!

    I'm probably the only one who read this and though oh interesting.. a circular mount! Sorry there is always one! and its normally me!

  28. I think I will give this one a miss. xxxx

  29. Kath, I've got the round Christmas sentiments which I really like but I was talking to someone in the hairdressers only yesterday and she has these - she loathes them! She can't get them on the block properly and then when she has managed it, they fall off when she's trying to clean them.

    Sorry - I don't think there is a solution to this one. Maybe the answer is to get rid of them?

    Love the Penny Black card, by the way. It's gorgeous.


  30. Good Grief KAth - I'd be heading for the hills by now!!!
    Plus I'd be bald too!!! LOL


  31. Very difficult. I havent seent his set and I dont think I want to use it. The only think i can suggest is a blue tack on the end of a cocktail stick, or a bit of tackly glue - maybe that will help you to pick them up.

  32. Oh Kath, thanks for the Sunday giggle! I can just imagine any of us tring to fit those teensy letters into that thing.......

  33. Hi Kath.
    Did you get them from Create & Craft? If so, you might try contacting 'Once upon a stamp' as this is the store that supply these sets. They may be able to talk through how to get a good result. Also, Just Rite have their own website, so there may be some hints & tips on there! I think that getting some additional blocks for leaving often used phrases in place would be good. You can probably buy them singly from somewhere- maybe direct from the states? Good luck!!

  34. Hi Kath, I thought I might be able to help with the curved text and save you from madness!! I do it on the computer, much easier and totally adaptable! I use Serif draw plus 4.0 (free to download) and if you dropdown the tool box across the top menu, there is a curved text wizard - FAB! you choose the shape and then add the text, it takes a bit of fiddling getting it to the right size but once you have it you can save it as a template and just change the text each time. Hope this helps? Sarah x

  35. I do have a Just Rite set with this fine lettering. I must admit it is a little fiddly to put the lettering on to the ring. But having done gold embossing for a bookbinder in the past I must have a lot more patience. However, I did find it annoying when I tried to clean the letters and put them back where they belong. A tip I heard from a friend...she uses a tea strainer to wash them in. She also has inked up the whole lettering set in its case and stamped that so she knew which letter was where. Even though it is fiddly I do like that I can personalise my stamp for my projects.

  36. Seems too fiddly to me and I do have a lot of patience when needed. You can do text circles using Word Art and this way you can use any font and wording that the like... much simpler. Good luck!

    Lynn x

  37. I can relate - I don't use them nearly as much as I thought I would - I also find them very hard to snap in sometimes. I figured it was just me and my dexterity.
    People make such beautiful things with them.
    The one tip that I had read some place - which was kind of helpful - was to stamp the letters before using them, that way you know what is where - the only problem I had with that was how to clean them! Now they were all inky! I tried stamping them off a few times, then I made the mistake of rubbing them on my stamp cleaner .... you can imagine what happened ... letters all over the place ... good to know I am not the only one going crazy!
    Good luck and thanks for the sanity check!

  38. OMG Kath! I had something similar as a child - and the fiddly little letters used to just "ping" at a glance even back then. I love the theory of this, but the practise is another matter!
    Hugs, Squirrel xx

  39. Kath, you are a life saver was just about to order these for the shop after filing my basket high, not going to bother not into faffing, Hope Buddy hasn't suffered any ill effects!


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