Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beavering Away

Morning folks.....feeling a bit wabbit this morning....no...not from the effects of my wee dram but from that spicy haggis.....awake half the night with heartburn....perhaps a few more drams would have diluted the blinking stuff and I might have got a good night's sleep but ended up with the Mother of all hangovers....a real no win situation....and no cards to share today but I don't want you to think that I am slacking....perish the thought....I am working away at lots of things......nothing I can share just yet......but I do have some sneaky peeks of some cards I have been working on.....which are hopefully winging their way as I speak ....deadline Friday....are you listening Royal Mail.

You may recognise the papers if you have recently purchased a certain fabulous CD Rom.
And blow me down with a feather....I have just noticed that this is POST NO....1004.....can hardly believe I have done all those posts since I started this little old blog away back at the end of February 2008.....crikey that is an awful lot of chatting but no surprise to anybody who knows me......I LOVE TO CHAT...and have even been known to chat to myself.
And today....although I would love to stay and chat....I have mountains of stuff to do.....so it's back to the cubbyhole and get those crafty fingers working.....may even find time to squeeze in a challenge card or two.
Catch up with you all later.....Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. Morning Kath, sneak peaks look scrummy. you loving to chat.......never :D Have a smashing day, hope your feeling better later.

  2. burp! now that should feel better lol.

    Lynda xxx

  3. Like the look of your sneaky peeks Kath. Must check out that cd.

    Shame about the heartburn, expect you enjoyed the haggis at the time though! Didn't have any haggis yesterday - I love haggis! Went to the Guild and we had cheese with homemade oatcakes...yummy and dumpling, shortbread and tea or coffee. Some of our members are pretty elderly so I don't think haggis at 8.30 or so would have been very popular lol!

    Kat xx

  4. Being from half-way around the globe may I ask exactly what haggis is?

  5. Have a smashing day, hope your feeling better later.

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