Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love winter

Morning folks.....I know I could be in the minority here....but I love winter and being a skier I love must admit it is so beautiful when everything is hidden under a blanket of crisp white snow......the downside of it all comes when you need to travel anywhere by car and I do feel sorry for all the folks who will be struggling to get to work today.....and once again Britain is brought to a near standstill.......schools closed....the trains can't run.......the roads aren't being cleared and gritted.....we are running out of rock salt and having to buy in emergency gas supplies....what a farce.....what a pathetic nation we have become.......with a government that would rather give millions in aid to other countries and local councils who haven't got a clue.

and unlike my grumpy old hubby who has been out every day clearing the paths around the house...this would have been my path to the old cubbyhole

this fun fella loves the snow just as much as his Mum

playing at snow ploughs in the garden....just a pity his nose isn't bigger

and finally after a week of being virtually comes  my knight in shining armour
with his big snow plough

and have I been rescued......not on your nelly.....he has now blocked our snow bound driveway with a three feet wall of snow and believe me.....hubby ain't a happy bunny.
The christmas tree and decorations are down and all stowed away for another year...and I am busy with my Funky Hand samples which I can't share yet.....but have managed to sneak in some little peeks.....

Need to make a trip to the shops sometime today.....milk is getting low and if it was downhill all the would certainly be faster on skis....but it will be a slippery slidey trudge....2 steps forward and 1 back.....but in the meantime I am quite happy playing in the cubbyhole and making a dent in some of the choccie treats I got at Christmas.....oh it's a hard life.
Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxxx


Tracy said...

Love your pictures Kath, my two Rough Collies love the snow, i'll be posting some photos today, although it's a bit of a bugger melting the snow and ice that sticks to their long hair.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

juliejules said...

GOsh Kath I thought we had a lot in Yorkshire!!!! Schools closed here so I dont have to leave the house, might craft in my PJ's all day! Jules x

scrappyjacky said...

At least it means we can craft all day without feeling guilty....though our snow is nothing like yours!!

Cazzy said...

We have snow too! I love it to look at all fresh and new, but not to go out in and thankfully they have told us not to go into work today. I wasn't going to attempt it until I heard someone from round here had managed to get there without too much hassle!

Cazzy x

Cheri Howard said...

You are such a hoot, Kath! =D

At least with all that snow you can get lots of crafting done - we get plenty of snow here in Alaska, but never enough to have a "snow day" from school - boo hoo!

Kellylouj said...

Love your images, good luck with the walk to the shop I need to go out as well as I have run out of teabags! I am stuck can't get to work nightmare

Georgie said...

Morning Kath, lovely to see the photos and wow that is a lot of snow! We have just got the first snow fall in Exeter today - and yes everything has come to a standstill already!

My cat, Dex, won't venture out at all - she isn't daft :-)

Looking forward to seeing the cards xx

weewiccababe said...

hey at least you've had a snowplough down your road - we still haven't seen a gritter. PLus farmer landlord doesn't bother to put sand down in the close so my useless car hasn't been out since hogmanay
not to worry am thinking about tidying up the craft space today and get cracking with samples for the 16th.
Pepsi loves the snow as much as Buddy, except her nose is just a tiny snow-plough lol
have a great day

Anonymous said...

Awesome snow pictures... Buddy looks like he's having a blast!

Thanks for Sharing, can't wait to see what you do next!

Lin said...

I entirely agree with you, Kath, I love the snow and love your pictures today! We are getting a bit of snow every day, just enough to keep things crisp and white instead of slushy and grey. Here our road crews are able to keep up with things, so even travel isn't a problem, though I love to stay inside and look out at this time of year unless it's a dire necessity to go somewhere. Thanks for this little look into your surroundings!

sueincanada said...

Love your pictures, looks beautiful but I agree not so good when you have to drive somewhere. We get lots of snow in Canada but at the moment we have less than you. Lots more to come though I'm sure.

Marion said...

Wonderful pictures Kath. I too love the winter but he only get a smattering of snow here in Cornwall, although we had quite a bit this morning. Love it when it is nice and crisp. Look forward to the samples.

Kat said...

Managed to get to work today. Luckily neighbouring farmer spent hours trying to open up the road. He even came out the track to our gate and did a bit of our drive. Husband still had to spend ages trying to dig out our drive. Even took me to work and picked me up. Road was nasty till yesterday and then it started to drift so that finished it. Almost as bad as ever again now. But what really made me as mad as a wasp was the fact that my "esteemed" employers just took it for granted that I struggled in to work. Needless to say they live upstairs from the shop/PO. So annoyed I won't struggle in again unless better this week, really narked they are so thoughtless.

What a rant!

Take care Kath,


Tatanky said...

Great pictures of Buddy looks like he's having fun.

Dawn said...

Ohh love the peeks!
Boy oh boy it's a winter wonderland in Westhills alright!!
Bless Buddy, he's a real snow dog!!


~ Ali ~ said...

look at all that fabby snow I don't have any :( Stay safe and warm Kath. Enjoy the rest of the evening!

Stampin Mindy said...

Such beautiful photos!

Jessica said...

You're probably are among the minority! lol I love the look of it all when it's new fallen snow. But after it gets plowed and gritted up, it's horrible. But I don't like driving in it. So you can keep it. :)
I did enjoy your photos! TFS

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Kath

you are not alone hun I love winter and prefer the snow,
your photos have been super during the snow and buddy looks like he is having a fab time of it,

keep safe hun

Emma xxx

Tiff said...

beautiful pictures. I had our driveway blocked too last week from the snow plow. Couldn't even find a place for the trash bin. Luckily for us we have another entrance to our drive.

Carole said...

Happy New Year Kath...and thanks so much for the beautiful card, I can't stop looking at it...there is something very special and unique about your cards. Sorry I've been such a bad card maker and blogger over the past few's hoping that 2010 will be better for me.
Love your snowy pics...hope you managed to get some milk...our shops had sold out of it yesterday!
Carole x

Carol said...

Love the pics Kath, Buddy looks so cute in the snow. You have had lots more than us, but we always have less than most other places, something to do with being in a valley?? apparently!
keep safe & warm, any snowmen up there?

Big Hugs
carol x


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