Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Aren't You Lucky...

Hi folks...count yourselves lucky...I'm sparing you the ordeal of more of the dreaded sneaky peeks. I was feeling a little bit stir crazy yesterday so decided to escape the DIY shackles...get in the car and drive. First stop...B&Q for some essential DIY bits and pieces...crikey there hangs a tale...have you ever tried to find a member of staff in that's like looking for a needle in a haystack...wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles in search of someone...ANYONE who could help and lo and behold after 20 minutes I turned a corner and there were 3...all walking my way...just like the proverbial don't see any for ages and then they all come at once. But silly me for getting my hopes up...where on earth did I get the idea that folks employed in a DIY store would have the foggiest idea what I was talking I left the hapless trio scratching their heads...headed to the Garden Department and consoled myself with a boot load of bedding plants...when I'm going to find time to plant them is a whole other dilemma.
After a yummy lunch and a little afternoon jaunt around some of rural Aberdeenshire's retail establishments I popped in by my little Sis to deliver her birthday presents..she'll probably have opened them by now so I can share...
this cool storage cabinet for all her sewing bits and pieces...I know what you're thinking...did I order one for the cubbyhole...believe me I was sorely tempted but at this moment in is at a premium...there ain't room to swing a proverbial cat...the goods received department are going to have their work cut out today to find space for another delivery of raffle prizes for the Everest Challenge Charity Prize Draw
and I'm beginning to think I may have to abandon any thoughts of returning to the ever shrinking cubbyhole until after the 21st June either that or chum hubby to lease me some space in the garage...crikey my ears are ringing at the very thought of what he will say if I suggest cluttering up his hallowed man space again.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Your sisters gift is a treasure.!

  2. Beautiful gift Kath and I think you need to sweet talk Hb :0)x

  3. Hi Kath a really lovely gift for your sister and so useful. Gosh at this rate you will be needing Pick fords to move all the candi x

  4. Oh what a gorgeous gift for your sister, I bet she was thrilled to bits with that beauty. Remember a few weeks ago when you cleared a bit of space in the garage....... just Hugs, Anne x


  5. What a gorgeous gift, Kath. Lovely bumping into you yesterday sorry could not speak long but as I explained we had a bit of bother locating the Paper mill and hubby had me on a short leash ha ha. Nice meeting you in person and hope the next time we are up your way I will be able to attend a demo.

    Wilma x x

  6. love this gift, I need one :-)

  7. Beautiful little cubby! Yep DIY ....ha! You pretty much have to know it all yourself ...:D Including where it is in the store. Have a fab day! Hugs

  8. your sister is going to love this kath. brilliant xxx

  9. A lovely gift for your sister . I bet she was thrilled with it. Take care, love and hugs x ChrisB