Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One teeny weeny sneaky peek...

Hi's been all go in the cubbyhole for the last 3 days...firing on all cylinders stuff and the Fiskars Christmas marathon finishing line is in sight...

and I'm sticking my neck out here but I'm hooping and a-hollering because the dreaded male cards are done and dusted...crikey men are hard work at the best of times without having to make them special Christmas cards so I'm sharing a teeny weeny sneaky peek...I won't tell if you don't...
I'm taking time out today to finish off the DT stuff for the weekend and then it's playtime...there's a Timmie tag with my name on it don't you know and woohooo I'll get to play with my new debossing folder...that is if I don't repeat this week's little faux would think I would have the sense not to set off on our lunchtime stroll without a jacket even though when we left the house it was scorchio...not a cloud to be seen in the big blue sky but halfway in...the sun disappeared...the sky turned black and someone turned on a powerhose...crikey drookit rats doesn't come close to describing the two "sights for sore eyes" that splashed our way back home through one almighty for a complete change of clothes and a hot shower...the Furry Boy for a hot date with a beach towel.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. All looks like fun and plenty of playtime. This weather is great at the moment one minute really hot, the next a real cold wind and it's cardi's on again, plus the heavy showers as well. X

  2. Loving that peek - it looks really interesting.

    Toni xx

  3. Love the look of that sneaky peek Kath - sorry to hear about the rain - still I got to read the word droochit - not heard that in a long time!! Sorry spelling it is not my best strength!! Lol! hugs xx

  4. Hi Kath, the felt and material look afa bonnie, love the colours. Look forward to seeing the male cards, I struggle with them always. Sorry to hear about your wet walk home, typical of this corner, four seasons in one day...Trish

  5. Loving the look of the sneak peek but sorry to hear about your drenching! Hope today is a better one for you, it is meant to be sunny all day here.....we'll see! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Love the peak...Looking fab!! I got caught too in a rain storm it came out of no-where.. yikes.... Have a great day... Hugs May x x

  7. This all looks very interesting Kath and thanks for the sneak peek. Hope you get to plat Timmie Tags today. x


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