Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree...

Hi folks...all's well that ends well...peace and harmony has returned to our little crafting space for the moment (hope the gremlins aren't listening) because it's Day 1 of our "it's Christmas in the cubbyhole" Fiskars marathon...Mr Fuse is fired up and ready to go...
the materials are piled up waiting their turn in the die-cutting queue...
and the "can't have Christmas without" snowflakes and glittery stuff are standing by...
 even the Furry Boy is doing his bit to get us in the Christmas mood...
That just leaves this "ain't feeling the Christmas Love" crafty person but I have a sneaky feeling if we invite a certain Mr Buble to join the party...that might just do the trick...
it looks like it's going to be a sing-a-long...rocking around the Christmas tree kind of a day...fingers crossed we'll be doing some project nailing at the same time.
But I'll also be sneaking in a few cuppas and some sofa time to watch my lovely Craftwork Cards buddy Julie on Create and Craft today at 8.00am-11.00am-2.00pm-4.00pm and 7.00pm....there are lots of brand new absolutely stunning paper collections to tempt you and beautiful samples from Julie and the design team to inspire you...all I'm saying is...have your speed dial finger at the ready folks.
And I have some info for you on Fiskars Fuse demos coming to a Hobbycraft store near lovely Fiskars teamies will be at...
Hobbycraft Crawley - 10th May 
Hobbycraft Maidstone - 17th May 
Hobbycraft Croydon - 31st May 
and there's a fantastic offer of 25% off all Fuse products while the Fiskars demonstrators are in store
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas in the cubbyhole.

    Toni xx

  2. How lovely to see Buddy's sweet face, he looks gorgeous in his hat - with Buddy and Mr B, I am sure you will get through lots!

    Will be recording Julie to watch when I get back. Hope you have a productive day Kath. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Have a fun Christmas cutting session, hope you are having some hot chocolate and gingerbread men at break time! Kx

  4. Merry Christmas cubbyhole...Looking forward to your festive makes... Buddy is ready (bless him) Hugs May x x

  5. I know it's a bit chilly today Kath but I just cannot think of the C word just yet - good luck getting into the "mood"! Me - I'm just off to my allotment to plant some more broad beans before dashing off on another mercy family visit for a couple of days. Just had a sneaky peek at the craftwork cards kit on CC - oh heck - feeling myself caving in rapidly....X

  6. Doesn't Buddy look cut in his Santa hat?! Hope you've both recovered from your "trip" yesterday!!

    Kat xx

  7. looks like fun in the cubbyhole today Kath - and with Mr B in there too - you'll be rocking! Hugs rachel x

  8. looks like fun in the cubbyhole today Kath - and with Mr B in there too - you'll be rocking! Hugs rachel x

  9. Ho Ho Ho! Yes - caved in, bought the couture kit AND the seaside one too! It will be a lovely parcel to come home to in a few days time - my own little Christmas - oh bother - now I've gone and said it!!! love X


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