Saturday, May 3, 2014

It wasn't me...honestly

Hi folks...yesterday didn't quite go according to plan...I found myself in another lockdown situation and before you jump to conclusions...unlike the Birmingham airport incident...on this particular occasion it wasn't down to me honestly. Kath's Klub girls were busy having fun with Tim's brand new stencils when a power cut threw a spanner in the works...
no power meant no heat guns but hey us crafty girls are dab hands at the old adapt and overcome thing...using the hot urn in the kitchen to dry our Distress Paint backgrounds...
but it takes more than a power cut to put us off our we topped up our coffee cups before the urn went cold and carried on with the task in hand...

but The Papeterie is part of Stoneywood Paper Mill who have to conform to Health & Safety regulations...with the fire alarms deactivated and no idea when power would be restored...the building had to be locked down and all but essential personnel evacuated...oh fiddle diddle...disappointing...yes but there's no point in getting in a paddy over something which is totally outwith your control so the afternoon workshop was cancelled and I headed home to do some unpacking...first my least favourite job...putting away all the workshop bits and pieces...
before tackling the massive box of goodies which had arrived from Personal Impressions for The Everest Challenge Charity Workshop at The Papeterie on 21st June...suddenly the day got a whole lot brighter...
blimey...oh my giddy aunt I was totally gobsmacked and thoroughly blown away by the contents...loads and loads of fabulous goodies...raffle prizes galore and beautiful project kits.
I'm very very grateful to Jan and all at Personal Impressions...huge thank you's from the bottom of my heart seems totally inadequate to say how much I appreciate your wonderful support and fabulous generosity. And for the lucky lucky crafters coming to the Workshop Day on 21st June...I'll be sharing sneaky peeks of this treasure trove of crafting goodies with you tomorrow.
And if you haven't signed up yet...there are still a few places be honest folks if I hadn't already signed on the dotted line...I'd be putting my name down pronto just for the raffle...the projects and the fun company are an added bonus.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath looks as though you all had fun even though the afternoon went wrong. Great how crafter always find another way round to get things done. The box looks very exciting x

  2. definitely a silver lining to your day Kath - brilliant - look forward to the sneak peeks xx

  3. gorgeous cards Kath, think I need to go check out hubby's shifts for the 21st and see if I can't get a pass through to Aberdeen that day x

  4. Not such a great afternoon but how lovely to open that box and find so many wonderful prizes for the raffle, well done to PI for their kindness and generosity! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Apologies, meant to say - those cards are stunning!! A xx

  6. OOoo that big box looks interesting, are there many places left?

  7. Nothing like a good tea urn in a crisis lol.The cards are sooooo Beautiful.Huggles and cuddles for Buddy.xx

  8. Hi Kath, love both of your cards, the birdie one has given me an idea for hubby's birthday card in July. I love that birdie stamp, I've not inked my one yet. Pity about the power cut, I didna get a chance to have a news with you... Trish

  9. What a shame you had to leave the class and go home. The cards are stunning and the afternoon ladies must have been very disappointed. Loved that gorgeous PB card you showed yesterday too.

    Looking forward to seeing the sneaky peeks from that great big box!!

    Kat xx

  10. What a shame you had to abandon ship as it were - the frustrations of life eh? Well - I am sitting here with a (largish) glass in my hand and looking at a now finished craft room - hurrah! All painted and dry. So tomorrow it's curtains up, light fittings back and a good hoover before all the stuff gets put back. It's been a stop, start job but thank goodness the worst is done and it looks fresh and clean so I'm pleased that I took the time to decorate it all. I think I may sleep well tonight - night night...X


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