Friday, May 23, 2014

You gotta to be in win it...

Hi's been a busy old week at Chez Kath...I've been getting acquainted with the old paintbrush again...cracking on with painting the staircase and there hangs a tale...another of the "it can only happen in kath's world" sagas but that's a story for another rainy day...
while the goods received department has also been kept on their toes...the cubbyhole crew have been busy busy opening more raffles prizes...yes I've said it before and I make no apologies for saying it again...I'm absolutely blown away by the wonderful generosity of crafty folks...
my lovely buddy Enfys sent a gorgeous bundle of her beautiful cards...
 and wowsers...this arrived from a very kind benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous...
but remember you "GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT" to get all the details on how to enter this fabulous 
just click on the above link
and it looks there might just be another cubbyhole crew stampede to open the latest arrival...I wonder what treasures lie within...oh my giddy aunt it's just like Christmas all over again...

But I'm abandoning the DIY adventures and the raffle prize excitement today in favour of a little trip across to The Papeterie accompanied by Mr Fuse for a "try before you buy" little demo...a chance to spend some time with lovely crafty buddies...grab a coffee...have a good old blether...what better way to unwind and get in the groove for tomorrow's adventure.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Kath,I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog each day. You have such a wonderful way of describing your daily adventures. How is your precious Buddy ? The package of card Enfys sent you is wrapped so prettily in the big pink bow. Have a safe an happy weekend with all your new goodies.

  2. Good Morning Kath. What Wonderful people to give such fabulous prizes. I certainly think you should get a medal for doing this on top of all your other commitments. I'm certainly " In it to Win it ". Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Fabulous generosity from so many people. Not in it to win it yet but soon will be. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. Hi Kath, you've had a busy week again, glad o see that your painting is well on it's way again. People are so generous, we only hear the bad bits on the telly nowadays. Gorgeous prizes donated by so many people, have a great weekend...Trish

  5. I totally agree with Rita, you deserve a medal and so do all those who have sent you such wonderful prizes. Enfys' cards look so beautiful. Hope the demo day goes well. The Fuse is brilliant for those of us with dexterity issues, it is so easy to use! Look forward to hearing your 'painting' story... Hugs, Anne xx

  6. brilliant tales from you this morning Kath - I hope you have a wonderful day xx

  7. How exciting to be getting such huge parcels!! Have a good day tomorrow.. Pics please! Thanks, Jan

  8. oooooooooooo how exciting x


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