Monday, May 26, 2014


Hi folks..."HALLELUJAH"...there's been a miracle of biblical proportions...a huge divine intervention. I woke up yesterday morning struggling to put one foot past the other feeling as though I'd been kicked in the butt and not too happy about facing my morning stroll with the furry athlete. But as if by magic...the sun came out...the old brain kicked into gear and sent the correct messages to the old legs and woohoo before you know I'm stepping out with all the necessary parts functioning as normal...perhaps the fitness training paid dividends after sign of the usual day after the day after looks like this old crafter has survived yet another adventure unscathed.
Two miracles may be chancing my luck but I sure need some motivation to get back to the DIY's hot date involves waxing the staircase...
before we move on to the joyous task of painting the rest of the woodwork and oh my giddy aunt...more doors and I need to get a wiggle on so that I can make a start on the projects for the 
and if you haven't got your tickets yet for the
what on earth are you waiting for...
who wouldn't want to win your very own signed copy of Tim's Compendium of Curiosities...
or a personalised Idea-ology apron...
or a bundle of Idea-ology goodies to play with...
Any tips on how to deglitter a washing machine would be greatly appreciated...yesterday's washing line was all of a sparkle...not sure hubby will appreciate his new sparkly bling fling underwear.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxxx


  1. That is amazing that you are not suffering any after effects - it must have been all the training like you say - well done! I don't envy you the waxing but it will look beautiful when it is finished.

    You are a temptress with all those gorgeous Tim goodies - so pleased to be coming now - and very excited!! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. well done Kath on completing the bling fling - I will be joining in - just need to get to Friday lol! Hugs rachel x

  3. Just popping by to see what you've been up to as I haven't blogged in over a year! Well done for completing the bling fling!!
    Away to have a nosey through the rest of your posts and see what I've missed out on!
    Glad you are keeping well.
    Hugs Lora xx

  4. I have my fingers crossed for the wonderful draw Kath. Your Hb would surely love glittery underpants...wouldn't he...LOLOLx


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