Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi folks...stand by your beds and prepare yourselves for a shock...while prepping the tag books yesterday with Annie Sloan Versailles Paint...I love this gorgeous soft olive colour...
help ma kilt the old cogs started whirring and before I stop myself...I was test dabbing the cubbyhole wall...
well say no more...nod nod wink wink...the old paintbrush may not hung up after all. I was intending taking the whole of August off...a bit of a break from crafting...time away from the cubbyhole to recharge the batteries but if that little guy on my shoulder who persistently comes up with "good ideas" has anything to do with it...I may well have to rethink that plan...could well end up being a "PAINTING" holiday or perhaps...after a naughty naughty e-mail from the lovely Brenda and David at Craft Obsessions to say they had lots of the new TH goodies in stock...a "STITCHING" or "STENCILLING" holiday...
And yes I was powerless to resist...another OOPS...OOPS...OOPS shopping moment but hey my Postie always says I'm keeping him in a job...only too happy to help matey and just in case hubby's around when it's just another DT parcel.
See you all tomorrow to share another Craftwork Cards project
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. You cannot put the brush down can you Kath! I have also seen the new TH stencils, they are the best yet in my book and I have them on my wish list. Enjoy your goodies x

  2. Oh Kath another adventure on the horizon for you x

  3. Saw the new TH stencils over on his blog - aren't they fab.

    Had to chuckle at you finding something else to paint - what are you like LOL

    Toni xx

  4. I just knew it Kath!!!! What are you like - now I'm with you with your purchases!!!!! Love that holiday stencil xx

  5. Hi Kath, you won't settle now that you've thought about it will you? Whatever you decide I've no doubt it will look fantastic ...Trish

  6. Oh dear, oh dear Kath, there is no hope for either of us - but I won't be painting my craft room! I may just have to borrow that 'oh it is just a DT parcel' excuse, love that one! Hugs, Anne xx


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