Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Start The Day With A Smile...

Hi folks...I'm back in the cubbyhole and according to hubby the 8 legged invader is long gone...he assures me that my crafty space is back to being a spider free zone...was he actually found and escorted outside...NO but hubby's theory is that one look at this old face and that poor spider probably got a bigger fright than I did and is miles away by now...well if truth be told I'm inclined to agree...it happens to me every morning at the bathroom mirror.
But there's something that's sure to make me forget my scary close encounter...the arrival of happy mail is guaranteed to start the day with a smile and on this occasion it's a bumper parcel for me to play with from...
leading European paper craft brand with a full product range for 
cardmaking/scrapbooking/quilling and home decoration.
I chose the Around The World Collection...beautiful vintage  "just my style" paper pads...stamps and loads and loads of gorgeous embellishments...I'll be sharing what I make with this crafting bonanza once I work my way through the much neglected crafty list but as I flip through the paper pads I can't help but wonder if there are a pair of beady eyes watching me from a dark corner of the cubbyhole...
It's time for the big girl knickers...there's DT stuff...Kath's Klub projects...2 Fiskars projects and a Timmie Tag to do...toodle-oo for now from this scaredy cat silly old moo
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh, Kath! You should have been there when we fled our campsite due to a visit by a black bear .. and that night my husband reassured me that that bear was "long gone" ... For one brief moment I felt safe and then I realized he had no way of knowing where that bear was ... but sleep won over and we lived to tell the story!

  2. Here's hoping the spider is long gone as you have some really fab stuff there to play with.

    Toni xx

  3. Your spider is welcome here Kath, I honestly little them and will happily share my craft space in my studio to any visitors ;0) What a fab parcel..you lucky lady..enjoy creating x

  4. Just the thought of that monster makes me shudder.....but wow, what a great package to receive. I love that penny farthing embellie and the pad of papers with the butterfly looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what you create! Hugs, Anne x

  5. I'm scared of them but Andrea is super terrified - hysterics etc - we've now had to get a battery operated spider catcher from Lakeland Plastics so we can hoover them up at arms length - once she phoned her brother to come and rescue her from a grasshopper which was in the conservatory! enjoy your day and your happy mail, Mary x

  6. wow - this is a wonderful looking kit Kath - enjoy your playtime - I'm sure those eyes are only curious if they're there!! Hugs xx

  7. I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to spiders - don't mind snakes, mice and frogs - everyone has their fear of some creature. Off tonight to see Brian Ferry as it is Henley Festival week - whoo hoo. I will not be sitting there with a face like a dishcloth - I noticed her too. Kath, we are obviously just not sophisicated enough to look like what I suppose is her idea of "cool". love X


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