Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Time Again

Morning folks and it's time to pin back your ears once again..I did warn you I have lots of birthdays in November and today is a very special  fellow Scot and lovely teamie over at Funky Hand..Allison

Cue Music.....

Have a lovely relaxing day lounging around in your super cosy fabbylicious dressy gown
(and believe me Allison....I was so tempted to post a pic)
with a glass or two tonight to celebrate.

I told you a few weeks ago that this is most sung song in the world and blimey.....I seem to have been singing it all this week..and still one more to go.   Survived my visit to the dentist yesterday and as a little treat to myself for being so brave.....oh yes I am a big coward when it comes to the dentist....I got 3 new CD's.....Alexandra Burke....Susan Boyle and that serious bit of eye candy Michael Buble......and I love them all.....but my favourite tracks are from Susan Boyle.....White Horses...the song she sang a few weeks ago on the X Factor and my favourite hymn of all time.....How Great Thou is just one of my crafty must haves....can't craft without my CD's playing in the background and me singing along......unfortunately for my crafty furry friend....I can't sing in tune to save my life.... I love all kinds of music but my favourites are Mariah Carey..and her ex boyfriend Luis Miguel (yes he is Spanish)...don't always understand what he is singing but it sounds sexy and that will do me...Andrea Bocelli......Take That...Michael Buble.....Snow Patrol....Coldplay...Beyonce just to name a few.
Will be back soon to celebrate another very special birthday....but I promise not to sing this time.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. I look forward to seeing who you are singing happy birthday to next Kath :-) It is my daughter, Eloise's birthday, on the 21st December - so there will be renditions of Happy Birthday ringing out in our house x

  2. You HAVE been doing a lot of singing this month! I've sworn off singing for life ~ unless, of course, you need a room cleared in a hurry, then I'm your gal! Don't even sing in the shower LOL. Haven't noticed "The Budster" complaining, so keep it up!

  3. aw thanks Kath- I had a fab day and have the head to prove it today and post away if you want the share the dressing gown and I have another mad one now too so i might have to post the two of them- hehe

  4. The only place I dare sing is in the car - when I'm on my own! OMG!
    If ever you're on the M4 in South Wales and hear an almighty commotion it's probably nothing but me, chugging along on my way to work!

    I need to get the Susan Boyle CD too - she was awesome on X-Factor wasn't she. And I can't speak about X-Factor without mentioning Jedward.......ABOUT TIME TOO!
    Wasn't everyone great with them tho - standing ovation from the judges as they left....although that was probably so they could see they were actually leaving through the door!

    Carol x