Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh What a Night and Sneaky Peeks

Morning folks...believe me I am not feeling as bright as a button...oh no not a bundle of laughs this's all Mr Mojo's fault...well let's face it we can blame most things in life on MEN.
As usual things are a bit manic here but I am slowly ticking things off my never ending crafty list and last night I decided to get stuck into some DT samples...oh if only life was as simple as that...Mr Mojo had other ideas...perhaps he had gone to watch the footie on TV with hubby...struggled on but no way could I come up with anything I was happy decided to call it a night and do a bit of paperwork and blog hopping...tomorrow is another day I thought.
Off to bed and I am soon in dreamyland...woke up with a start in the early hours...lo and behold he is jumping up and down inside my head with loads of ideas...blimey do you know what time it head was buzzing and could I empty it of all these creative ideas...don't know what time I eventually managed to drop off again but I know this...I am certainly not firing on all cylinders this morning so the kettle is on and it will take quite a few coffees to get the old body started...let's hope the ideas are still there filed away somewhere in the old gal's memory.
Remember...remember the 5th November...yes tonight is Bonfire Night...Guy Fawkes and all that...normally we are plaqued with the noise of fireworks for weeks prior and weeks after  but this year so far...just the odd bang...well I suppose the weather here...torrrential rain most nights isn't ideal firework weather so if you are planning on having fireworks tonight...enjoy but stay safe.
And yes it's Thursday folks...time for some sneaky peeks....

That's it for today folks...had intended to take a trip to town ...we have a new Hobbycraft store opened last weekend and hey I must be the only crafter in the North East of Scotland who hasn't had a nosey yet...but you know what...I can't be bothered....may just slope off back to bed for a few zzzz's...what do you think...catch up with you all tomorrow for another fabby challenge from Polkadoodles.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Edited add.....after a kick up the rear...a cup of strong coffee....I made it to Hobbycraft....OK pricey but I did manage to pick up some bits and to do a jig around with Mr Dyson and then it's back to the cubbyhole before the inspiration disappears again.


  1. I think I'd go for the zzzz's, Hobbycraft is ok but not as good as my local craft shop, I think its expensive as well.
    xxx Carol

  2. Think you need to go back to bed Kath, the shop will still be there tomorrow lol.

  3. Sounds like you had as good a nights sleep as I did, Kath. Mine was a poor wee soul who was a bit under the weather though - not Mr Mojo, lol!
    Suzanne x

  4. Oh Kath I know how you feel chick, I had one of them nights too where my mind was going 20 to dozen. At one point I thought about getting up and starting a card or 2 but I was just toooo cozy where I Mr Mojo has slept in and he aint told me any of my bright maybe should have joined you at Hobbycraft for a union meeting(excuse the and taken Mr Mojo to hand together...Here I am on one of my few days off and cant get going...done the housework but still nowt...Think I may have a jaunt down town and have a look in the local craft shop just for inspiration Jackie xx

  5. I get night like that but more often than not it is hubby's snoring, try haveing a notepad by the bed to write down your thoughts.

    Just sent my order to Carol decided on the scalloped oval punch and some card stock in the end.

    Have a good day.

    Hugs Carol x

  6. I reckon Mr Mojo was watching Spooks ... it was that good! Glad he came back though ... just sorry he is unable to tell the time. Love your sneaky peeks! Have a good day!

  7. Oh Kath you always give me a smile! I wish I was being woken in the night by Mr Mojo..lately it's been Mr VAT return!!
    Anice xx

  8. How weird is that Kath I was at Hobbycrafts too this morning. Def not impressed. Pretty expensive and not a lot of what I like. Cardwise as my friend said we are spoiled having Stoneywood so close and being able to get a big box (or 2) of card at a great price. Only went because daughter wanted to go into town and said she wouldn't be long. 9am to 3pm seems a while to me! And I had to buy coffee, lunch and pay for parking. To crown it all I went into Angel Cakes in Ellon on the way home and spent more money on craft goodies!! Now I still need to get my DT card done for Totally Gorjuss before tomorrow....oh dear.

    Kat xx

  9. Hope Mr Mojo has returned Kath and can't wait to see the rest of your cards. Jo x

  10. Hope your jig with Mr D. didn't dislodge those ideas!
    Can't wait to see the full pics of your sneeky peeks :)

    Carol x

  11. Well Kath if you find the elusive Mr Mojo could you throw him up my way!!! He's been MIA for far too bloomin' long.
    .........And don't worry you're not alone haven't set foot in Hobbycrap oops Hobbycraft yet either!!! LOL


  12. Hi Kath i know what you mean about hobbycraft sometimes needs must lol by the way i love your candle holder it's so adorable Take care Sal xx


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