Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Time Again

Morning folks.....well I did warn you that I had lots of birthdays this month and today a very very special lady is celebrating her special day......

Cue Music.........
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Anice
Happy Birthday to You

one of the sweetest girls and the best boss in the world.....yes you know who it is....the lovely Anice from Funky Hand.     I hope you have a lovely relaxing day....and that Ian has organised something very special to celebrate.....Ian and Anice have been working so hard over the last months to perfect their brand new CD.....and I know I am rattling on about it.....but it's fabulous.....the things you can do with this CD will blow your mind away and already my lovely teamies are hard at work making scrummy things for the release....and I don't know if I am allowed to say.....but early next year......just think when you are all Christmassed have this to look forward to.
And I can't believe this......Anice is letting you all share in her birthday celebrations....well I wasn't going to give the lady's age away......but all will be revealed if you pop over to the Funky Hand website today.....make a will get a whopping discount of.....wait for it generous is don't get an offer like that hot foot it over there PDQ....all you need to do is enter 41TODAY in the discount code box when you checkout.
And once again.....I am saying a big thank you to one of my lovely Funky Hand teamies......Enfys thought that I was in need of some crafty cheering up so yesterday morning the postie arrived with a bumper bundle of delicious crafty stuff and the sweetest little card...thank you so much En for your lovely kind thoughts....and like the rest of my wonderful teamies over at Funky Hand.....a wonderful friend..   Apologies for the terrible pic....but the weather here is so dark and of the things of which we have absolutely no control over.
A huge thank you to all those who have e-mailed asking if I am OK.....yes I am's been a real rollercoaster ride of emotions the last few weeks....sink or swim situation....but I've never been a doom and gloom person so it's time to pull myself up by the bootstraps... ditch the negative and move forward.... and yes I can see light at the end of the tunnel now and as always there are always folks out there far worse off.
I don't know if you have visited my hero this week....yes the one and only Tim Holtz....well poor guy has been having a bit of a tough time too... his computer was stolen from his car containing all the photos for his new stamp image artwork and CHA stuff... months and months of work.....and he was left thinking....WHY ME....WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS.....well sometimes life throws these things at us for no his case...he was in the wrong place at the wrong time...and I don't believe that bad things happen to people because they have been me he is so fortunate to have the support of wonderful family and friends to lift his spirits and help him move on which is exactly what he is doing.....the good news is he has decided to do his "12 Tags of Christmas" again this year starting on December 1st.......a master class each day with "The King" himself.
It's time for "The Budster" and I to set off on our morning's blowing a real hooley out it's time to wrap up cosy warm...and they are forecasting snow in this neck of the it going to be a "White Christmas" I wonder...... catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes Kath, and the beautiful birthday card. When I opened it I said to Ian 'this is from Kath' before even reading inside..I know (and love) your style so well now. I agree with you, bad things do not happen to people because they are bad it's just life. My heart goes out to poor Tim losing all that work..I can imagine how I'd feel if I lost any of mine.
    You and Bud have a great walk and wrap up warm
    Anice xx

  2. Lovely card!

    At first I thought it was for Christmas to do with that carol "little drummer boy"!

  3. glad you're feeling brighter, off now to do my post for the fab discount

  4. Hi Kath, Glad the goodies got to you, your fab card is up on my blog today, thank you so much. Hope today is a good one for you. Off to spread the word about Anice's fab sale now.
    big hugs
    En xx

  5. Ah Kath, its good to hear that your starting to see the light, I know what you mean about having a rough time of late - do you think its to do with the time of year? the pooh weather that we're having? Well we can only hope for a brighter summer (wishful thinking).
    Managed to enter the challenge over at PB challenge, pop over and tell me what you think, I've been busy these past few nights cause Trevor has been on night shift and I've had peace to myself. Hope to see ya soon, Karen xoxox