Monday, November 30, 2009


Morning folks nothing crafty to share this it's just me having a chat....we haven't had a chat for a while so pop on the kettle and park your bum somewhere comfy.....
It's greetings from a cold and chilly North East of Scotland and blimey what a shockeroonie this morning.....dashed downstairs to let my furry bundle of golden deliciousness out for his first piddle of the day......opened the back door and.everything is white....oh yes the first snow of winter....are we going to have a white Christmas do you think.   I love snow....oh I can hear you groaning from here....I know it's causes chaos on the roads and can be a real pain for those going to work each morning but it just transforms the landscape into something magical.
I am back watching the X Factor now that the terrible twins have gone.....and who do you think is going to win.....only 2 more weeks to favourite has to be Cheryl's GEORDIE JOE.....what a voice and oh that smile....Danyl or Ollie just don't do it for me...and must admit I am not keen on Stacy either....but it's anybody's guess who the public will be voting for.
And I'm A Celebrity......what a riot last night....I haven't laughed so much in Justin's antics with the was absolutely hilarious and of favourite part of the program....those two lovable Geordie rogues....Ant and Dec.     Now I had a bit of a dilemma because it's on at the same time as my favourite programme of all time TOP there was lots of channel hopping back and forth which drives hubby up the wall.....why don't I tape it and watch it later.....good question.....don't know how to.....all this modern technology is a complete mystery.....we have this all singing and dancing tape thingy and the farthest I have ever got is switching the blighter on.
Well off to get myself suited and booted for our cold crispy stroll.....good thing muddy feet this morning but will catch up with you all tomorrow for a brand new challenge over at GET is my turn to set the see you all tomorrow at 9.00am the meantime....keep warm and happy crafting.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. morning Kath
    i too love the snow
    hoping see some next weekend as
    i will be in inverness visiting
    my daughter
    hugs lesley xx

  2. Great Post! I would love to see pics of your snow-scape!

  3. Morning Kath, Snow - you lucky things.

    We also have the problem with Top Gear and I'm a Celeb - but Tim has the whole recording thing sorted, like a military operation!

    Have a good day xxxx

  4. Oh fab SNOW you lucky devil we dont get much here in Bournemouth on the south coast. I'm afraid I'm just one big kid when it comes to the white stuff in fact I think I was the first to be up and dressed and out the back door last year (yes even before the kiddies!). You'll have to post some piccies as I bet it looks beautiful. Have a great day enjoy your walk in the snow but take care, Ann-Marie xxx

  5. I'm a Celebrity was a hoot last night so funny, no snow here but cold enough for it

  6. Oh you make me laugh I agree TOTALLY about the snow love it (still a kid when I see it) and always take the boys out to play and this year my little grand son can join in too!

    Love Strictly Come dancing my self but I have sky pluss so record X Factor and no long long adverts to watch we always watch Top Gear the men of the house love it and SO DO I if I had the money I would so be a petrol head! lol The cars that Chris Evens has wow! I listended to the aution on the radio very exciting! but I of course couldn't put a bid in lol some paid over 35K silly money!

    I am happy the twins have gone. I know what you meen about Joe he is adorable (think there is a broadway star there)but I love Olli too!(perfect kind of pop star) nice to have a chat hun will go off down the blog and do some catching up, and see what the Budster has been up to as well love it when he takes over my Dita often cracks up and tells me all about his antics lol!

    Love Dawn xx

  7. I adore snow too Kath but think my skiing and sledging days are over.The nearest we get to it here is at the Chill Factor in Manchester-not that I've been-could spend the money on STAMPS.Technology-if you can do all that stuff on your blog I'm sure you could set the video/DVD thingy or whatever. Good job we don't all like the same progs-I detest Top Gear and give me Strictly any day-the dressing room reminds me that I still haven't made a card with my chandelier stamps. It was sunny here this morning and I was almost tempted to HANG OUT some washing until I put a toe out the door BRRRRR
    Hugs Betty

  8. Love the snow, we normally get loads of it but this winter we've been quite mild so far, a couple of frosts here and there but not much to worry about. Yet!! I hope it lasts until Christmas, you can't beat a white one that's for sure.

  9. Oh Kath, you do make me chuckle!! My daughter is 19 and saw snow properly for the first time in this country last year, we miss out down here!! I have left you a little something on my blog!! Hugs Jo x

  10. No snow here Kath, think we must be too near the North Sea over here! But when we get snow we really get snow. Went to the guild tonight and when we came out a couple of hours later all the cards were frozen, yuk!

    Kat xx