Monday, November 30, 2009


Morning folks nothing crafty to share this it's just me having a chat....we haven't had a chat for a while so pop on the kettle and park your bum somewhere comfy.....
It's greetings from a cold and chilly North East of Scotland and blimey what a shockeroonie this morning.....dashed downstairs to let my furry bundle of golden deliciousness out for his first piddle of the day......opened the back door and.everything is white....oh yes the first snow of winter....are we going to have a white Christmas do you think.   I love snow....oh I can hear you groaning from here....I know it's causes chaos on the roads and can be a real pain for those going to work each morning but it just transforms the landscape into something magical.
I am back watching the X Factor now that the terrible twins have gone.....and who do you think is going to win.....only 2 more weeks to favourite has to be Cheryl's GEORDIE JOE.....what a voice and oh that smile....Danyl or Ollie just don't do it for me...and must admit I am not keen on Stacy either....but it's anybody's guess who the public will be voting for.
And I'm A Celebrity......what a riot last night....I haven't laughed so much in Justin's antics with the was absolutely hilarious and of favourite part of the program....those two lovable Geordie rogues....Ant and Dec.     Now I had a bit of a dilemma because it's on at the same time as my favourite programme of all time TOP there was lots of channel hopping back and forth which drives hubby up the wall.....why don't I tape it and watch it later.....good question.....don't know how to.....all this modern technology is a complete mystery.....we have this all singing and dancing tape thingy and the farthest I have ever got is switching the blighter on.
Well off to get myself suited and booted for our cold crispy stroll.....good thing muddy feet this morning but will catch up with you all tomorrow for a brand new challenge over at GET is my turn to set the see you all tomorrow at 9.00am the meantime....keep warm and happy crafting.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx