Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team Polkadoodle

Morning folks....let me ask you a question......do you want to be a Polkadoodler.....Nikky over at Polkadoodles is looking for some new faces to join the team....our lovely Polkadoodle buddy Saskia is leaving the team to pursue other crafty avenues.....I am so going to miss her fabulous creative talent....but wish her well in her new adventures and will be stalking her blog to see what she is up to....and ME ....well I am taking a bit of garden leave from the team.....life has been a bit tough these last few weeks at Chez Kath.......family stuff and I felt that I wasn't contributing 100%....but Nikky...lovely girl that she is...has suggested I take a bit of a break until after Christmas......and I very much appreciate that.
So if you are a fan of Nikky's fabulous CD's.....and would love to join a great bunch of girls....you will find details of how to get your name in the frame HERE.
Ok life has a habit of sometimes jumping up and biting you on the bum but you just have to work your way through it....so you ain't getting shot of the old girl yet.....I'm just slowing down the pace a little and can I just say a huge thank you to all my Design Team buddies for their wonderful support.....they are just the best....and to all my lovely bloggy buds for their get well wishes....oh yes the magic antibiotics have done the trick already.....and guess what....I found time to do another challenge card.....this is the fun part of crafting and a great cheerer upper....almost as much as crafty stash shopping....so will be back soon.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Kath, take it easy and keep smiling! Glad the drugs are helping. Hugs and goo from the boy! xxx

  2. Your family life comes first Kath. I'll miss your Polkadoodle projects but no doubt you'll have a challenge card or two to show in their place.
    Glad the meds are working sdo fast.
    Tale care
    Anne x

  3. Hiya Kath, sorry to hear you've not been too great, hope you're feeling better real soon. You have to put yerself first and have some time to recuperate with little pressure. You take it easy girl!

    Mel X

  4. Hi Kath

    Sorry to hear ou have been under the weather hun :(

    but I see you are still making fantabulous (yes thats a new one for the dictionary...!!!)
    cards hun I love your reindeer such a great idea and perfect for my theme this week...

    thanks again hun for finding time in your hectic schedule to join us at Allsorts

    Emma xxx