Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time for Sneaky Peeks

Morning folks and yes it's Thursday again and time for sneaky peeks.....I can't believe how near we are to Christmas now......blimey....a little bit of a panic in the cubbyhole...well to be honest MAJOR PANIC...if the truth be known....but we put ourselves through this every we ever this one will pass just the same as all the rest and then we wonder why we got so uptight about it all.

Well nothing else to share today folks and what do we do in this country when we run out of chat....we talk about the weather......crikey what is happening there....yesterday was the most glorious sunny day...ok with a little chill in the air...but it could have been an early spring day......this morning as I sit and type this....lovely and cosy in my jammies right next to the radiator belching out's still pitch black outside....the wind is howling and the rain lashing against the window.......AND "`The Budster" is itching for his walk.....and yes you've guessed's going to be another wet and muddy dog day.....but a perfect Cubbyhole Crafting Day.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. ah that lovely snowflake! same weather here, miserable, have a good crafty day

  2. Weather is same here in the States. Well at least in Ohio where I live. LOL

  3. Lovely little sneaky peeks! Love the cheeky red nose!

  4. Sneaky peaks - pah! I want more!
    P.S. Weather pants here too!

  5. Hi Kath, lovely sneaky peaks, really looking forward to seeing the rest. hugs Jo x

  6. oooo cool - and do I spot a cuttlebug ice crystal? its just the best buy for xmas cards.
    have a great day and hope Buddy doesnt get too muddy.

  7. Ohh cheeky little sneakie peekies here Mrs K xxxx Do I spy our fave snowflake as well :)))xx The weather today is lovely - now!! But yesterday was grim - wet, windy, miserable and grey, but when I switched the news on and saw the flooding elsewhere, well we've nowt to moan at here. Hope you have a fab Budster walk and stay warm!!! Biggest hugs xxxxx


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