Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Inky Question

Morning Folks...gee whizzers I am totally overwhelmed that you all took time out to answer the inky question..I think we had an almost unanimous YES and you know what...I did suspect that would be the answer...WHY...because you all have such impeccable taste. Now I've been thinking and yes that can be a bit of a dangerous occupation when you get to my age...let's not just have one winner...oh how I wish I had time to send each and every one of you a little package of bloggy love but sadly I don' I have chosen 3 names at random......


E-mail me with your addresses girls and I will get your goodies off in the post.
And do you know what...that must have been the cheapest card on the planet to produce...a couple of sheets of A4 cardstock...a little faffing around with the old Cuttlebug...a bit of stamping....some inking and colouring...finishing off with generous sprinklings of the old GD and hey presto.
Life can be a bit manic here sometimes and working from home is a bit of a lonely occupation...OK I have my sleeping partner for company but he's not really into the chatty and setting the world to rights are the folks that keep me company and I love each and every one of you...Oh I know I don't always have time to visit you all but I do appreciate your company and your lovely comments and thank you all so much for my birthday wishes and the gorgeous birthday cards I received from my bloggy buddies.

and last but no means least.....
this gorgeous e-mail card from the lovely Dick at PB Stamps

Aren't they gorgeous...thank you ever so much folks and did I receive lots of crafty pressies...afraid family are not into this crafty stuff at all and maybe one crafter in the family is be honestthey don't know the difference between Doodlebug and Cuttlebug but I may just give myself a little birthday popping up to Simply Create sometime this week to pick up a little special something which I can't share yet and what do you bet there will no doubt be one or two goodies to tempt me.
I can tell this is going to be a happy happy week...the challenge this week over on Penny Black Saturday is "SONG TITLE" and I am just having so much fun visiting all our fabulous Penny Blackers and singing along with their it's going to be a very musical week folks...better get the old ear plugs looked out Buddy because singing is definitely not one of my talents and talking of talent...are you all ready for another nail biting X Factor be honest if things don't go to plan tonight...that's it...I'm switching over and becoming a Strictly Girl...just get the impression the whole thing is a big publicity stunt fix.
Well off to get these goodie bags sorted out and who knows maybe a challenge card or two.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. what gorgeous cards you got Kath, there will be a belated one in the post soon

  2. Oh Kath, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. I sure do hope you were truly spoilt and made feeling special on the day. But, they do say rather late than never ... so I wish you a wonderful year filled to the brim with love, happiness, excellent health and may a wild dream or two materialise.

  3. A gorgeous selection of cards...that PB one is just too cute!
    Helen x

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Kath! You've got some beautiful cards there and a lot of good friends out there in Blogland. I also share your scepticism about X Factor - it's starting to annoy me, although I couldn't bear Strictly either (not my cuppa)so I'd have to make the excuse to craft instead!x :)

  5. Belated Birthday wishes Kath. I'm waiting (still) for my grandchild to arrive so not quite with it. At least my daughter is in hospital now! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday my niece (great) was 18 yesterday.

    Kat xx

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Kath. Enjoy yourself at Simply Create, don't spend too much!! Debs xx

  7. Glad you had a nice day, Super cards you received. Have a great time when you go to simply create this week.

  8. aren't you lucky getting all those fab cards and i agree bout X Factor- getting my dancing shoes ready too

  9. Fab. cards, Hope you had a Blessed Birthday, and a wonderful year. Lovies xxxx

  10. Wonderful line-up of cards Kath, all very beautiful! BTW I've emailed you, thankyou!

  11. Definitely a fix - Simon has hated them for weeks and suddenly when he has the chance to send them home he goes with the public vote. I am not believing that they 2 got more votes than Lucy! I think I'll join you for strictly Kath
    Suzanne x

  12. Well Mrs can't believe thwey are through again. Just like you I have had enough won't be watching it anymore. Mr Cowal had the perfect opertunity to get rid of them last night and didn't..

  13. You are more than welcome!! And I left the numbers off this year!

  14. Indeed, you are never alone! You have so many lovely blogging friends and you amazingly get around to visiting all of us!

  15. Hi Mama Kath
    I'm guessing my card is still being held hostage by our lovely friends at Royal Mail!
    Glad I remembered to drop by on 'the big day' to send my greting!
    Much love

    Gayle x


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