Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snowed under

Morning folks.....I'm snowed not with the white powdery stuff.....the paper's all go here in the about Cuttlebug Clutter and Cubbyhole Chaos....and what happened to my resolution last year that this Christmas was going to be different....oh yes I was going to be so organised and have all my personal Christmas cards done and dusted in plenty of time.    Once again that magical time of the year is fast looming and the feeling that I will once again be running around like a scalded cat is taking over.   So much to do and so little time......I have got my wrapping paper...but no presents to wrap.....the ingredients for the Christmas cake but no time to bake it.......the tree and no time to trim it....don't you just wish you could summon up the Christmas Fairy to wave her magic wand.

Cards Everywhere

And I have just noticed that the magic 200,000 hits has long gone and I know that I promised you some blog candy.....well I have to hold my hands up in ain't gonna happen this side of Christmas....not unless you want my family sitting down to beans and a fried egg for Christmas Dinner....but I promise in the New Year....I will organise A BUMPER SUPER DUPER BLOG be patient folks.
And talking of give-aways.....I am waiting for some of  you lucky winners over at Penny Black Saturday to e-mail me so I can get your prizes off in the post......the cubbyhole is looking a bit like Royal Mail's sorting office...I am falling over all these come on folks......get e-mailing.
And I have a gorgeous card to share with you all from my lovely Fiskars buddy.....Ann.....I just adore this Penny Black Fantasy tree.....Ann now has a blog....yes all that nagging finally paid off but I just need to persuade her now to actually post something on it......she makes the most beautiful cards and it's high time that she was sharing them in blogland......don't you think.

The Budster and I have just returned from our morning stroll and it's snowing.....yes it will be a day of crafting all cosy in the cubbyhole....I am having major challenge withdrawals so may find some time to sneak one in and must catch up with all my lovely bloggy buddies....I have so been neglecting them...catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: if you are reading this need to post this card on your blog and tell everyone how you made it.


  1. The card is beautiful! And your cubbyhole! I'm sure you could fit a little bed in there for me! x

  2. hiya kath, i absolutely love your blog and love to read of yours and buddys your friends card, the tree is stunning.coops.xx

  3. I do love your cubbyhole, it looks so organised even with all the tops covered in creations. I'm sure you'll get everything done Kath, I'm the same panic till Christmas eve when no more can be done. Godd luck with getting everything sorted.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. I'm not doing anything at all at the moment, a period of serious non crafting. I think it's very relaxing. But I wish you the best of luck.

  5. You have a gorgeous creating space there in the Cubby Hole Kath! I have to admit I am struggling a bit with my own cards :( OH is away now for the whole of next week so should get some made after work. I absolutely love Ann's card.

    Carol Ann x

  6. Hi Kath

    I know what you mean - life here is very similar too. But it at least sounds like you are getting some of your cards done.

    It doesn't help when you go on a blog hop and see the counters showing you the number of days there are until Christmas. Once upon a time there were hundreds of days and yet now there are about 27!!!!! Where did those middle days go?

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Hi Kath - I too am beginning to panic.. so much to do and no mojo!!
    Your cubbyhole looks so tidy and organised even though you are busy are the inspiration I needed to tidy up my mind and get cracking - many thanks.

  8. That is a stunning card that your friend Ann has created. I agree that tree is wonderful. So hard to imagine snow when we are sitting in aircon.

  9. You cubby looks like crafty heaven to me. I am frantically trying to get an advent project finished for Tuesday (there is gold shimmer chalk everywhere at the mo)and then I may start thinking about Christmas cards! We just have the yucky rain down our end of the country today. Wrap up warm

    Ann's card is just fabulous. Such a contrast with the colours, but works wonderfully. Would love to see more or her work and look forward to visiting her blog.

    Wrap up warm Kath xxxxx

  10. Hi Kath, your cubbyhole is to die for! I would so love a room where I didn't have to get everything 'out' use it and then have to put it away again! I'm very lucky with what I do have - a converted wall unit with a desk in the centre - but I have an area 2' x 3' to do everything...I think there's about 3" x 5" free at the moment!!!

    I adore the card Ann has done - she really needs to post on her blog as I need to know how she did it :)

    My Christmas cards are coming along fine - as long as they're for Christmas 2010! I too made that very same resolution last year - but I just can't 'do' Christmas in July!!!

    Have a couple of commisioned Birthdays to do this afternoon but once they are done I will spend tonight on Christmas! It'll probably only get as far as the 'planning' stage tho!
    (Obviously AFTER X-Factor!)

    Carol x

  11. Morning Kath - probably p.m. where you are now though! You cubbyhole just looks - well - busy! I agree that Ann needs to post some info on that loverly card she made - gorgeous! Have fun and stay warm and dry. ~chris

  12. I wish my craft room clutter was as tidy as your craft room clutter!

    I certainly know how you feel ... no matter how well I preplan my holiday projects, time gets away from me and I'm alway scrambling in the end. Oh well ...

    Your friend's card is gorgeous ... I'm off to visit her blog.


  13. Know what you mean about panic Kath. I still need to make more cards than I have already made. But I do have a "Baby's 1st Christmas" one done and probably one for Poppy. Need to get enough to post and enough to take to meal out with WRI and Guild. Also some for friends in card group. To crown it all I'm pretty sure I need to re-organise my label programme!! Probably best if I get on with it and stop panicking LOL!

    Kat xx

    Oops nearly forgot I love Ann's tree card. Yes she really must get blogging and sharing.

  14. Hi Kath, I am just here catching up with blogs as have been unable to for a while.
    I love this card its so inspiring and might motivate me to get some cards or crafting done again so thanks for that :)
    Love your work space its so lovely i have a cupboard lol
    hugs June xxx

  15. Hi Kath!

    wow what a busy cubby hunni!
    If I lived closer hun i'd pop in for a cuppa and give you a hand.....

    Hope you nanage to get to the bottom of the list of things to do this millenium lol!

    Big hugs Emma xxx

  16. I adore the card, awesome colours!

    And I must say, you have a greatcraft area! I'm so jealous! teehe!

  17. love the card hun such a great effect love your crafting space too hugs cheryl xxxx

  18. Hi Kath, am just having a blog catch up, lots of fab cards as always and the cubby hole is fantastic. Hope it doesn't snow too much for you, we don't want the Budster telling us more tales!! Hugs Jo x

  19. Kath, I wish I had a cubby hole, LOL. Right now my br is a gigantic storage room, can find nothing. Am slowly hunting supplies for cards for Christmas. It is amazing how we manage to get it all together in the end isn't it. Yes tell Ann to get a little blogging done once in awhile and when you gets to it, don't you forget to give us her blog address.

  20. Wow no wonder you and the Budster spend so much time in the cubbyhole. I want to move in too! What a marvelous space! So organized and just well, wow. Oh yes, your friends card is pretty! Let us know her url when she gets posting!

  21. I want to come and play in your cubby hole looks like so much fun! alas I am still on the kitchen table and waiting for one of my boys to move out! which I would love and hate at the same time! although if one went to uni i could have a craft room and food in the fridge! Shawn has the best room for my craft but has decided uni is not for him lol almost finishing college and doesn't want to carry on (can't blame him want's to work if he can get a job!) and the baby has the smallest room imaginable (I swear his feet stick out of the bedroom door he is so big now (the baby 16 and bigger than all of us) He must be 6'1 and still growing! and he wants to goto an mod collage if he gets in he will be away from home and then he will want to join up (hoping he doesn't though) and he is the baby and I can't possibly use his room for crafting!

    You see my delema Kath lol I wich I had a cubby hole.

    Love Dawn xx

  22. Wow Kath, I just can't believe ho organised your cubbyhole looks apart from all the busyness going on. I agree, we also love Top Gear ... saw an episode last night where they were in Vietnam ... had such a great laugh.