Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going crackers...

Hi's crazy busy around here at the mo...I've got the old "am I going crackers" feeling...can't believe it's only a week and a bit until my Bling Fling Charity Walk...fingers crossed the power walks with my Furry Buddy have upped the fitness levels enough to finish even it means crawling across the line on my hands and knees. I'm off on a little shopping trip today acccompanied by my "shop 'til you drop" mateys aka the Friday girls to get the bits and blingy pieces to complete my outfit and oh boy these girls are the queens of prepare yourselves for the big reveal folks...just might not be pretty.
And then we're heading across town to pick up the stair spindles and handrails...yes remember that DIY project I undertook months ago in a crazy moment of madness...well progress on that front has been non-existent...not one door, frame or inch of skirting board/stair edging has as yet seen a paintbrush so the stair furniture will need to be stored somewhere in the meantime and here comes another "going crackers" tale.
There's absolutely no room in the full to bursting garage so they may well be taking up residence in the boot of the car for the time being which reminds me that a trip to the car boot is what's required to alleviate the problem but do I have the time and will the weather play ball for this Sunday.  And look what I unearthed on a recent garage recee hiding under boxes and boxes of some folks rubbish/other folks treasure trove...
perfect for cubbyhole storage...all it needs is a couple of coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and new handles...another job for the painting list...any offers of help will be greatly appreciated...we can do free bed and board...unlimited coffee and lots of cake...
But back to today's expedition...after the boring stuff...we'll be hitting the road and heading out into the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside for lunch and a bit of proper shopping...woohoo the sun's out...
obviously the intended crafty playtime ain't going to happen today...Mr H and the May tag have been put on hold while I fight off the urge to have a total meltdown.
It's my turn to post over at the Craftwork Cards Blog tomorrow so until then...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath sounds like a busy but fun day. The offer of BB sounds rather good but afraid just had a second steroid injection in my shoulder I will have to decline. Look forward to seeing finished project though. Have a great dayx

  2. hope you had a great day Kath! Hugs Rachel xx

  3. You really do deserve a day out with the girls and I hope you get lots of bling! So looking forward to seeing how you all look on the day... Hope the weather holds for you. Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Enjoy your day of rest Kath...we all need them xx

  5. Hope you enjoyed your day off, I think you've deserved one. Looking forward to the blingy photos! Take care, Jan


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