Thursday, August 14, 2008

Easy Money or Money for Old Rope.......

Easy money or money for old rope.....well let me rephrase that ....MONEY FOR OLD FACE... I have just been contacted by a skin research company carrying out trials in my area for anti-wrinkle cream - boy how did they know I have wrinkles......Go tomorrow to be assessed and if not acceptable (suppose that means I don't have enough wrinkles) - you get £10 for your trouble.....well no worries on that count me thinks - you have to try out this cream for a month....go back to be assessed...before and after piccies and you get......wait for it...£70.00. When she called me I was all ready to say NO!!!!...far too busy until she told me the reward for taking part. Do you think we are in the wrong business.....I think I will become a professional tester. She did say that now I am registered they may call on me again...yippeee!!! the first Road Tester Millionaire.... Never ever thought that my face might be my fortune...fingers crossed that it's old and wrinkly enough to be accepted....
Kath xxxxxx


Dawny P said...

Jeez I have loads - send her to me!! I'll do it for free if it gets rid of the beggars (I am soo cheap hee hee xxxx) I just spent nearly £400 on a non - surgical facelift (CACI). I can see the difference, especially when I have a bit of slap on - it's higher but just as ugly lol xxx Wow, to actually get paid to get rid, well how fabulous is that!!! xxxx

~Emma~ said...

Kath send them my way! LOL!

Dawn said...

Wow that's unusual - now Kath beware that the bloomin' stuff doesn't melt your skin!!! LOL
(Only joking of course)!!
I remember trying new cream from Boots and the next day my face was on fire - what a mess I was in - bloomin' retinol - can't go anywhere near it!!!I just stick to good old Astral!!
Anyway 70 squids that can't be sniffed at!!



Tip Top said...

Heheheheh!! And why not!!

Cass said...

Ask them if they're going to be in Glasgow Kath,quite fancy trying it£70....think of the stash you can buy!

Cass xxx

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Well, all I can say, Kath, is.... you must be worth it! lol ;o)

But will your skin be tautened, with a dewy glow?


Chris xx

The Country Rose said...

Rolling on the floor laughing at this post!!!! You are too funny! I am here visiting your blog after finding that you visited mine :D. Wow! what awesome stuff you have here :)! I will be visiting often!