Saturday, August 9, 2008's been changed

Everybody seems to be uploading these fab new backgrounds for their blogs so I thought I would have one too....but me being me...couldn't just pick there have been lots of different looks throughout the day but finally I think I have decided on this one....until I see something better that takes my eye.
Kath xxxxx


Dawny P said...

I think I like this a lot Kath. It's kind of woodlandy and calm and nice. And now I can't remember what your old one was like cos this sort of feels like it's always been there. Actually, the more I look, the more fabulous it gets xxxx

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

lol @ you!! I'm glad you changed one that you had on earlier, as it was difficult to read your posts, and you know how I hang on every word of wisdom that falls from your keyboard! hehe.. lol ;o)

I like this one.. As Dawny said, very woodlandy. I wish she hadn't said that, because now I want it too!! Very Midsummer Night's Dream. I like it a lot.

We should just call you Titania now, eh?

Chris xx

Heather Huggins said...

I like it too!! But it's fun to change every so often.

kes said...

i keep changing mine too, trying to match my header hee hee, this feels so right especially as you show us the nature in your garden

Daisy Chain said...

I love this new look, I'm like you can't make my mind up and want to try them all. Maybe I'll change in a few weeks again. But for now I'm happy.

Love Debbie xx

Dawn said...

It's a great new look Kath!