Friday, December 12, 2008

"Hey Big Spender"

Hi Folks
Chez Kath has had a wee bit of a Christmas make-over... I am visiting all your festive blogs and thinking I need to get in the Christmas mood and give the old blog a bit of a tart I popped over to Shabby Shoppe and purchased myself some blogwear...was a bit embarrassed when it came to checkout.....the princely sum of 1.88$ and when it went through converted to £1.30...."Hey Big Spender"... don't you just wish us gals could get a make-over for that kinda money.....gee I would be first in the queue. Here I am faffing about on the computer with a make-over...wouldn't you think I had better things to do. I'll have you know I sat and wrote all my Christmas cards tonight ...oh boy is that a chore and a half....yes the ones I bought from M&S ...and they will be sent on their way tomorrow....the Christmas countdown seems to be going to plan.....and tomorrow and Sunday I shall be back in my little cubby-hole making some personal Christmas Cards for my crafty friends and special cutie ones for the special fellas in my life.
Off to my nice cosy snuggly bed.....the wind is howling....the rain is lashing against the windows...and snow forecast over the weekend......NO...NO...NO.....not until I get into town on Monday morning to do my Christmas Pressie Shopping.
Back tomorrow with Penny Black Saturday...sleep tight....pleasant dreams...Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Oh my - so festive. Gets me in the spirit to try to do something with mine too! Stay warm and safe! ~chris

  2. Aw, I love your new Christmas makeover! We aren't expecting bad weather here until Monday morning. Blek!

  3. Aww love the header Kath - "it'll take a gae bit ma'er than at, te tart me up - Aye kan tell ye!!!" LOL


  4. I think perhaps I should translate Dawn's comment for all the non-doric speakers in blogland

    "it will take a good bit more than that to tart me up,I can tell you"
    Hugs Kath


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