Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All because of M&S

It's going to be a frantic kinda week at Chez Kath.....I need to get several weeks of DT work under my belt .....and it's all because of M & S.   They sent me an e-mail at the beginning of the month....a 40% off furniture sale....well you know me folks....a sucker for a bargain.   To be honest I have been thinking for some time that we need to replace the sofas in the little sitting room at the back of the house....that's sounds a tad posh....believe me it ain't....it's the chill out room....the family room....the den...the snug....the TV room.. call it what you will .....where I can put my feet up and relax with a coffee.....watch the birds in the garden or on the odd occasion watch TV...me on one sofa....."The Budster" on the other.  I love these sofas...they are so comfy and covered in Lindsay Tartan......well I am Scottish......but they have to go.....

after years of being commandeered by my beloved Golden Buddies.....they have seen better days....so in a moment of madness....I went online and ordered brand spanking new ones and they arrive in 3 weeks not a big deal....I hear you say...BUT hubby has now decided that we should replace the patio doors....radiators...decorate.....get a new carpet and  it has just snowballed from there......new curtains....new lamps.....OMG what have I done.....I don't have time to do all this stuff.
Of course the guy with all the bright ideas is sem-retired.....BUT just happens to be working at the moment....so you've guessed it....who will be tossing aside her crafty hat for my.......
Project Manager
Procurement Manager
Painter & Decorator
Chief Cook & Bottlewasher
Dog Walker
General Dogsboy
for the next few weeks....yes you've got it one.....LITTLE OLD MOI.  Will keep you all up to speed with the progress or not and beware you may be seeing some cards with speckles of paint....normally I have more paint on my hair than on the walls.
And 2 lovely awards from two lovely and talented girsl Suzanne...and Dawn thanks so much for thinking of me....girls....I really do appreciate it....now I am supposed  to pass these on ....but you know me by now....I can't choose out of all my bloggy buddies so I am awarding this to all my blog stalkers oops sorry... followers....grab them both  and show them with pride on your blogs..with lots of love from me.

I am expecting a visitor today.....Debz is popping by to pick up her Blog Candy Give-Away....I am so looking forward to meeting one of my bloggy buds....well off to get my Crafting Hat on and get using up some of this new stash.  Will be back just later with another give-away and  the winner of Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 5...wonder who it will be......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Oh honey can't wait to see the new look when it's all done... boy you have been spending like mad lately... you must be exhausted.

    Poor Buddy will have his work cut out making his new sofa just perfect to mould around his body... they do like their comforts don't they.

    Congrats on your awards too honey...

    Lorraine xxx

  2. it was lovely to meet you today, I'm so jealous of that crafty cubby hole, and its immaculate - the part of the bedroom I have commandeered for crafting looks like Beirut.
    the card is gorgeous too, thankyou so much for that and my fantastic fiskars bits.

  3. Hi Kath!! I just have to say that Buddy is very Handsome! Absolutely Gorgeous!

    I Love Golden Retrievers!! Our Golden "Graycie" just had 9 little girls and 1 chubby Boy on the 16th.

    Congrats on the new sofas!!

  4. good luck with your many hats Kath, i am sure that you will pull it off. Buddy looks so handsome in the picture..look forward to seeing the updates on your new project..
    hugs rachxxxx

  5. Can't wait to see the first spots of paint on your creations, that will mean the make-over is in full swing. Enjoy the ride! Hugs from Desire

  6. Hahahaha! You forgot to add time keeper to the list - it gets done when you want and have the time to do it! Sounds fair to me!