Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sad or What

Sorry folks...no post this morning.....basically because Mrs. Lazy Lout here hasn't made any cards and the Chez Kath production line seems to have ground to a complete halt....just can't get back into that mad crafting frenzy that usually happens here....day in and day out.   Oh dear what can the matter be....do you think that I am suffering from that SAD thingamy...Seasonal A...whatever...Disorder...(lack of daylight) and there is certainly plenty of that going on here..doesn't get light until about 9.00 in the morning and it's dark again by about 3.00.  Oh how I long for those long lazy light summer days when I am up and about just after 6.00.  coffee..showered..dressed. Then it's walk the dog...breakfast....chores and then it's crafty time and it's only 9.30.   At the moment....I just can't drag myself out from under the duvet and even "The Budster" doesn't want to move either.....what do you think....do dogs suffer from S.A.D as well or is he just as lazy as his Mum.    Well I have two options....I go and buy the biggest NATURAL DAYLIGHT BULB I can find and sit under it or give myself a good kick up the backside and get on with it.  Off to try the latter option and if I am back tomorrow....you will know it worked.   Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
P.S.  Just thought I'd let you know it worked.....have done a mountain of stuff tonight....there will be cards tomorrow once it gets light enough for pics.....yippeeee....I just needed a good talking to.....and a size 9 up the rear.


  1. Know just how you are feeling don't you just hate the winter months. At least look on the bright side we are going in the right direction and spring is just round the corner, I know it a long corner but it's coming weather or not lol,

    I missed you this morning but then I,m lazier than you, and heah you are allowed a day off occasionally.

    My laptop has crashed and I'm using the old and dead slow computer in the study, I hate this thing but a least it works.

    Anyway hope you are back to you old self tomorrow. (sorry for the old)

    Hugs Carol xx

  2. I think we are all feeling like that Kath..never mind the days are getting shorter, before you know it spring will have sprung and the grass will have riz!! Take Care xx

  3. Welll...we all have those days once in a while and yes my dog has it as well..the weather is not any better overhere in Holland...please hurry up. either way..love your creations and will take a look here every day!!..miss it alreaydy...haha..
    greetings Francien.

  4. Best of luck overcoming the blahs! I'm in the same crafty rut as you. It doesn't help when it's gloomy and doomy outside. I say just get all tucked in with some chocolate and a book!

  5. Hi Kath i thought i would leave you a comment as i read your blog daily now and have never commented before but wanted to let you know that your blog is fab yor card's are even fabber lol and you alway's manage to make me laugh even though at the moment im full of chicken pox and feeling sorry for myself you have cheered me up so much so thankyou. By the way i think my dog as got this S A D thingy too lol cos she dosnt even want to go for a walk at the moment lol.
    Paula xxxx

  6. Hope you get your crafting spirit back soon.

  7. Nah, chocolate will do the trick!!

  8. I think it is hard to get going after the Xmas makes!
    It is also so cold....Poppy let me have a long lie as she wanted to stay in bed this morning too!
    Here's to warmer sunny days !


  9. Kath your post brought a smile - I quite agree with you about the light. Normally I too am up at the crack of dawn but these days dawn never seems to happen. I got myself a daylight lamp and I love it. You have to actually wake up and get from under the duvet to turn it on though!!! Lol

    Ann xxx

  10. Hi Kath, Don't beat yourself up, just have a day off and relax. Christmastime is very busy and you probably just need a lazy day or two. Pour youself a nice glass of what you fancy n put yer feet up ;-)
    Am sending relaxin vibes your way :-) ha ha

  11. oh honey so unlike you to take time off but heck with the amount you've had on over the last few months I think you've more than earned a break...

    Hope you're back tomorrow.

    Lorraine xxx

  12. Aww Kath - It IS the dark mornings, dark afternoons, I can just stay in bed all morning but I kick my own ass out of it!!
    Even our furry friends I think are feeling the cold especially during the night, I woke up today and Pepsi was actually sleeping ON me - no wonder I have a dodgy back!!!
    Now come on Mrs Kath we HAVE to see our daily inspiration of craftiness at chez Stewart!!! LOL
    Seriously though no one says you have to blog every day and you have to be in the mood for crafting....
    I've kinda got a spurt on again but it comes and go's!!


  13. Perhaps you need a 2Sketches4You Fix lol!...........I know you love these challenges and it's a Brill Sketch this week! Might get you back into the swing lol!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Hugs Suze x

  14. dont be sad kath! why don't you move to mexico my country)??? it's sunny almost everyday, and the heat it's really cool hihihihi

  15. wow that is a short day, roll on longer days :) Kim

  16. Hi Kath,
    Made a quick list this morning of all the challenges i would like to have a go at this week...got to 10 and it's only Wednesday tomorrow!!!
    been at work all day, quick freshen up and a cuppa then off to my workshop, which i returned from about half an hour ago! so no idea when i'm gonna fit them all in :)
    Seen the little update......knew it wouldn't be long before the mojo returned!

    Big Hugs
    Carol x Oh, and by the way, I haven't even graced Mrs nasty Knickers with a reply to her e-mail!!

  17. I'm a fairly new reader to your blog...what a hoot it is! Thanks for a bit of sass with your wit - I always know I'll finish reading with a smile!