Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

As promised...I am going to sing you the rest of the song and
aren't you lucky you don't have sound-a-vision.....

Cue Music........
A guid new year to ane an' a'
An' mony may ye see,
An' during a' the years to come,
O happy may ye be.
An' may ye ne'er hae cause to mourn,
To sigh or shed a tear;
To ane an'a baith great an' sma'
A hearty guid New year.
This is a traditional Scottish song sung to welcome in the New Year traditionally after the bells..."Auld Lang Syne" is the one sung before the stroke of midnight.   Now you've learnt something today...a little piece of Scottish culture and who's says this blog ain't educational....that's another piece of useless information for you to store away.
Are you making any New Year Resolutions and will you stick to them.......I wonder!!!
As promised some pics of my new look cubbyhole.....the space is much more organised but would you believe....I can't find a blooming thing.
Back tomorrow with a brand new challenge on Tag You're It and I would love you to join in the fun and .....because it's been all blether and no crafting recently.....a little sneaky peek
Enjoy the rest of your day...more feasting and stuffing our faces no doubt....oh I will be so glad to get back to normal rations.      Hugs Kath xxxxx 


  1. What a wonderful, tidy & organised cubby hole! How long will it stay like that lol!!
    Happy New Year to you & your family.

    Mrs W x

  2. Happy New Year, Kath!!! Woohoo!

  3. Happy New Year Kath! Hope it's healthy and happy for you and yours.

  4. oh Kath this is fabulous. so tidy!!! how long will it look this pristine for?? lol.
    looks wonderful. hugs rachxx

  5. Happy new year Kath!
    Your cubby looks fab where on earth did you keep all that stash before your new storage lol!!!

    Emma xxx

  6. Ohhhhh you make me feel bad lol ... i need to tidy up hehehe ... well when i have finished decorating my journal hehehe
    Happy New Year
    Hugs June

  7. good morning kath
    WOW..HOO...your new cubbyhole looks great hun,your hubby has done you rent him out,as my hubby could do with a few DIY

    happy new year
    hugs clare x

  8. Your new look cubbyhole is VERY nice Kath! And so is your new photo : )
    A Very Happy New Year to you!

  9. Happy Newyear to you Kath. Hope you have a wonderfull year.
    I love your organized work space. I hope you get to make lots of lovely crafting projects there.

  10. Happy New Year Kath!
    Your crafty cubbyhole looks fab! I'm so jealous, as I don't have a craft room...just a few boxes in a cupboard :0(
    Helen x

  11. guid new year tae ye Kath hope you had a good one :o) I am drooling over the new work area, wish I had space to have one like that!!


    Amanda xxx

  12. Fantastic crafting space - I'm so envious!
    Happy New Year.
    Jenni x

  13. morning Kath and Happy New Year to you....just loving the look of your craft area - you'll soon remember where everything is...xx

  14. Can ya send your hubbie to mine now please...Fabulous Kath..enjoy the rest of your Day:)~X~

  15. Oh my goodness your space is so tidy! Happy new Year.

  16. Happy New Year my lovely friend & wow you're new workspace is looking super... lucky you mine still looks like a bomb has hit it but am planning on working on it over the coming weeks... no way I can do it all in the one go as I wouldn't have time for my challenges then and heaven forbid that I don't get off to a good start this year....

    Have a fab day & look forward to all your new creations in 2009.

    Big hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxx

  17. A Very Happy New Year Kath, your craft area looks fabulous, what a clever hubby.

  18. oh wow what a nice neat and tidy work space not like mine at all, everything everywhere but the funny thing is I know where to find it all!!
    A very happy new year to you to Kath and may 2009 bring lots more toot toot moments

  19. It looks GREAT! Very organized!!

  20. Happy New Year Kath! Great job on the new cubby. I never can find anything after I get organized either! ~chris

  21. oohh what a lovely crafty area, you lucky girl:-)
    Happy New Year x

  22. Happy Happy New Year lovely lady... was singing along with ya... even though I don't know the tune...rofl Love a good sing song :D
    Gorgeous tidy cubby hole there Kath... looks like a little piece of Heaven to me (should see my messy' I ain't kiddin!!!) Not much crafting going on but plenty of mess making...mojo is playing games with me right now but hey ho... it will come back when it's ready :D
    Can't wait to see what your mojo's been up to :D
    Chris xx

  23. Kath the cubby looks fantastic! so much space, you are very lucky :) i keep telling Andy that i could get so much more done if i had a proper room! but then he moans and says he'd never see me! Oh well, maybe one day.....

    Carol x

  24. Happy New Year Kath! Love your tidy new craftroom, you'll not know yourself once you get used to it! I love working in my "tidy" space now. All the best to you and yours xx

  25. Happy New Year Kath to yu and yours. Woo your cubby hole looks amazing well done Mrs Kath! Would love to meet up at SECC for a cuppa in March.

  26. Hi Kath, your cubby hole looks fantastic. Love it! All the best for 2009! Louise x

  27. Green with envy at all your space!!! Happy New Year to you!

  28. Wish my stash was as organised...organised chaos more like!!
    Emma x

  29. Whoohooo love your new look cubby hole! I spied that Brenda Pinnick kit on one of your shelves too (how fab is that kit!? not that I've played yet - just stroked).

    Happy new year dear friend. xxx