Sunday, January 25, 2009


Please...please...please.....get on the phone and vote for TODD CARTY.....that is the best laugh I have had in years.....OK the boy can't skate very well.... but he is so enjoying himself.......absolutely no co-ordination.....he reminds me of Norman Wisdom on Ice.... I was willing him to do well because we do love the underdog don't we. Fingers crossed that my Sex on Skates...Dan the Man and Roxanne are voted back next week. ...please..please..please...
Ooooh....I so love DANCING ON to do a bit of the old bloggy hopping...then make a quick cuppa before my soft landing on the sofa for the results.
Remember....back tomorrow early with my Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away.....Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Todd Carty was sooooooo funny he MUST stay in lol... My mum phoned straight after his performance and couldn't even speak she was laughing so hard

    Total entertainment !!

  2. sky +'d it , am just watching now....
    love teen xx

  3. me too Kath, what a laugh I nearly wet myself!!

  4. OMG Kath - it is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen lol xxx I nearly peed my pants laughing. I'm not sure what tickled me most, the expression on his face as he went off, or the expression on his face when he came back on lol xxxx But for sure it was hilarious xxxx And THAT's the Daniel you were telling me about in out PM the other week!!! He is soo sweet but I have to say that I cannot bear that ruddy Roxanne Pallet. They should have given him someone nice I think. Hope you are ok xxxx

  5. I missed it :( So I take it you like it then.

  6. Hi Kath, I had it on record and have only just watched it oh my gosh he deserves to be kept in I havent laughed that much in ages!. xxx

  7. This has passed me by - maybe I'll have to start watching, it sounds funny!
    I've tagged you by the way - details are on my blog! xx

  8. Funniest thing Ive seen in a long time. even hubby laughed!! LOL It was brilliant. I so love that show. I hope he stays in for the duration!

  9. He was great, wasn't he?! It'd be hilariously irritating for the judges if we could keep him in til the end. And great fun for the viewers!

  10. Hi Kath, OMG I was laughing so much I couldn't speak... bless him, this had to be the funniest thing I had seen all year... and he stayed in so more laughter in store next Sunday....

    Oh there's a little something for you on my blog
    hugs :)xx


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