Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paint Everywhere & I''ve been tagged

I've been tagged by the my lovely PBSC team-mate Beth...my lovely neighbour Debz and my bloggy bud Suzanne and the rules are...go to your PC and choose the 6th Album and then the 6th Picture and explain what it is about.......

Can you tell who this cute fella is...yes it's "The Budster" at 10 weeks old
supposed to be helping hang out the laundry but instead he chooses to chew the peg basket....
went through absolutely loads of these until he gave it up for bones.
What am I up to today...well I've got my painter and decorator hat on and yes that is the sun you see shining outside

clearing the room of furniture apart from the sofas...sanding down paintwork...cleaning up and then getting one coat of emulsion on the ceiling...oh how I hate the mess I get in...doesn't matter how careful I am...I always end up covered from head to toe with little spots of white emulsion...yikes it's every bit as bad as glitter and even "The Budster" had to get in the act...well not working...of course but supervising from the comfort of his sofa and he's not proud...quite happy fast asleep on top of the dust sheet.

Today....2nd coat on the ceiling and hopefully get started on the undercoat of all the paintwork...who's bright idea was this!!!!!!.....but I will be taking an hour out at 11.00am to watch my fabby boss at Funky Hand on Ideal World with her latest CD "Funky Daze"...well a girl needs a break and a cuppa.
And a fabby award from my lovely Penny Black Saturday Team Mate.....Tracie

How Sweet is this....thanks a lot Tracie....really appreciate it.
Back later with some challenge cards.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Oh these are such cute photos! He's such a sweetie! xx

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the show!! i just haaaad to tune in didnt i!!! I think my little man thought i was crazy as i was telling him who made what card. He was quite fuunny really saying come on mummy i now you have seen this already - i have seen you look at that card on the computer, can we turn it over!!!!

  3. Yippee to the sunshine... oh Buddy is still as cute as he was at 10wks... you do realise that he's not going to be very happy when his beloved sofa goes... he'll need extra time on the new one till he gets it moulded right...

    Lorraine xxx

  4. Awww who is that furry bundle - he was a gorgeous pupster indeed!!! AND he@s still gorgeous - look at him all peaceful on his sofa!!!

    I don't envy you with all that painting but yaaay! sun - mind you it didn't stay here too long - it's been mostly grey again!!