Monday, January 12, 2009

Hot and Bothered

Oh I hope you are sitting comfortably today.....go and pour yourselves a quick cuppa....because I feel a rant coming on.  Hot and bothered is putting it mildly....steam comin' outta my really gets up my nose when people are treated like idiots and our useless Government has this down to an absolute tee.
Their latest ploy to try and distract us from the almighty pig's ear they have made of the economy is

"How to Beat the Big Freeze"
Hints and Tips on How to Survive the Winter
Excuse me.....what big freeze.....OK it's a tad chilly and the temperature has dropped below freezing but you can hardly call it "THE BIG FREEZE".....for heaven's sake it's Winter and it's supposed to be freezing.   It ain't as though we live in the Arctic Circle trying to survive in temperatures 30 below.  At this mo in time....we should be calling it "THE BIG BREEZE"....gale force winds...those roof ripping ....little old lady blown off yer feet kinda winds....but I digress...onto the crap.    Obviously there is some numbskull sitting in an office somewhere in Cloud Cuckoo Land who thinks up all this you think he might be related to "Mrs - How to Cook the Perfect Christmas Dinner!.
Well here we go with our hints and tips and pay close attention..this is important stuff that you apparently don't know and it may save your life.
You need to keep put on layers of clothing...hat and gloves before going outdoors.
(Well thanks for that mate...would have never thought of that...wondered why the old digits had turned black and I was getting strange looks walking the dog in my shorts and flip flops.
Don't sit around during the day (fat chance) need to exercise which in turn will keep you warm (and you won't believe this one) up and down the stairs several times (well matey that's OK if you are young and sprightly....but what about the elderly.....not easy running up and downstairs whilst in control of the old zimmer.   OK for you sitting in your nice cosy Civil Service Office.....the heating for which is paid for by the poor old senior citizen sitting huddled in blankets because she can't afford to turn on her heating.
Hot food and drink.....well you don't think I am going to be sitting all day sucking on ice lollies do you.
Only travel if your journey is necessary...this is just another way of saying.....we can't be bothered to clear the roads of snow and just call your boss and say you're sick.
And I could go on.....with this totally unbelieveable twaddle.... another example of the pathetic nanny state we all live in...but what really irks me is the fact there ain't a blind thing we can do about it so if you can't beat em......join em..... I am off to walk "The Budster"....and believe me I have on enough layers to be mistaken for Michelin Man...can hardly fit behind the steering wheel.....who needs air bags....then I am coming home to run and up down the stairs and round and round my cubby hole like a demented old bat and then for lunch I shall sit down to a nice bowl of home-made Tattie Soup before.....

stripping down to my bra and knicks....running around the garden chomping on a "Choc Ice".....and then cuddling up on the sofa covered in blankets all afternoon just for the hell of it.....well if you can't be a REBEL at my ain't worth living anymore.
Back tomorrow with Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 5.....that is if I survive "THE BIG FREEZE".
Hugs Kath XXXXX


  1. Oh Kath...
    You've made me make a mess! Tea spluttered all over the laptop screen!
    They do treat us like absolute donkeys, don't they?
    Oh, just realised, I'm logged in under my 'alter ego'
    Still you know, who I am!
    Gayle x

  2. Hi Kath We are having a big freeze overhere and we just love it. All over the Netherlands people are skating and having fun. We just get a warm feeling inside when it is freezing. I hope you can enjoy it to. Hugs Marja

  3. Kath hope you are still there and surviving the big freeze....pmsl
    Have to agree what an absolute load of twaddle.
    Emma x

  4. they don't half treat us like cretins!! and don't you love it last week England dropped to -12 one night and it was the top story on the news.......I remember being on top of Cairngorm and it was -26 with the windchill factor but not a peep of that on the news!! It's january......its supposed to be cold...duuuhhhh! Have fun with the streak in the garden this if there is a river or a loch near you maybe you should go skinnydipping instead lmao!!


    Amanda xxx

  5. Hi Kath, there's an award for you on my blog :o)


    Amanda xxx

  6. Oh Kath you dont half know how to cheer a girl up lol im sat here in laughing my head of so much so the dog think's ive gone mad lol but you are right in what you have said they do treat us like twits dont they? We had a gas leak just before Christmas and it was the boiler and it cant be fixed so we havnt had heating or hot water for 2 months now and we havnt froze to death lol.
    Paula xxxx

  7. Ha Ha..imagining you running up and down the stairs! That soup looks fab! You've got my tummy all grumbling looking at it. This diet is hell you know!!
    Anice xx

  8. oh Kath, I know exactly what you mean - don't get me started about government agencies. I have the misfortune of having to deal with the Disability Living Allowance Dunces, the CSA Cretins, the Revenue and Customs Rejects on an alarmingly regular basis and they should all be rounded up and shot. thanks for making me sit still and have a cuppy though. And have fun today with yer choc ice

  9. Hee hee hee! Your rants make me laugh and are so spot on! I have a good friend who lives in Montreal where every winter is -20, and they manange just fine, we get to -5 and, like you say, it's called The Big Freeze!! Plonkers! I hope you enjoy your yummy looking soup! xx

  10. Hey honey what do you mean you're keeping your bra & knickers on... do you not have any time to get weather beaten in the skud today????

    Big hugs & well said..

    Lorraine xxx

  11. oh Kath pmsl I so love your rants! they are so full of truth. Hope you dont freeze too much when you go for your chocice dance around the garden lol. joey xxx

  12. Haha your rant did make me have a little giggle! xxx

  13. Ha! That's right, you'll show them!!!

  14. Oh Kath you make me, lol...but you are correct in everything that you say. :) My very elderly nextdoor neighbours are 88 and to see them running up and down their

    Hope you had a good walk and nice tatty soup. :)

    Have posted off your stamps for you today. :)


  15. I hope you are surviving the Big Freeze....and what I would like to know is....
    *who got paid BIG BUCKS in teh Govt,to sit and compile this load of crap to tell us all about staying warm?
    * what did they think we all did when it was cold before?
    * why wasn't the wasted money it cost us given to people who can't afford to heat their homes or put food on thier tables?

    are brains removed when they become MP's?

    keep warm.
    you do make me laugh!


  16. Hi Kath,
    you made me lough out loud with your rant. To bad you didn't say how cold actually is in Scotland. We have app. -15C every night and it's not usual for this kind of cold to last for a week, like it does this year. Also, on a mountaintop not far away from us (always in Slovenia) they measured -49C, which is the absolute record since they started noting down the temperatures about 60 years ago ...
    Bye, Kitty

  17. I have left a wee something on my blog for you
    love tina xx

  18. Oh Kath, we have to meet in person!!! I'm here drugged up to the eyeballs on this medication, and p------ myself laughing, what better's them that have no common sense so they feel they have to spell it out for us normal people, and it's us lot that have more sense than all of them put together!!
    My hubbie is looking after me...we have leek & tattie soup followed by tomato & goat's cheese flan for supper...all homemade...yummy

    Take care, Big hugs
    carol x

  19. ha ha - very funny!! And yet so right!! They really do treat us like idiots, but then again I really did see someone in shorts the other day!!!

  20. oh you are such a case, hope you enjoyed your choc ice and run about garden in underwear-hehe what a delightful image that conjurs up
    Your soup looks yummy so i hope you enjoyed it and take plenty blankets and hot water bottles into yor cubby hole just incase- you never know when the big freeze might hit! and I hope you ran up and down the stairs after your walk
    AllisonX(ps keep warm)

  21. Thanks Kath, you're funny, I'm glad I check out your blog every day. I do hope you survive the "BIG FREEZE".

  22. I thank God for your blog are just so funny as well as so talented and you put so eloquently (sp?) what other people are thinking. Congrats on the awards, your outfit will be featured in the next edition of craft awards monthly (there should be a magazine of that name!!) XX Enjoy your day X

  23. Well LMAO missy! You are absolutely hilarious. Don't get me started on our dear darling Government (I may pop a blood vessel or 2!). The thing is Kath - they still have loads of support!?!?!?!?!?! I can't get my head round it I really can't.


    PS. I can't even bear to think how much money the numpties who came up with that tosh actually get paid - cos believe me that piece of work won't come from one will have taken a whole team of people the best part of 6 months to come up that drivel.

  24. Oh Kath - I LOVE your sense of humour!!!

    I was wondering if they gave you instructions on how to run up stairs???? and I think I am right - your health system isnt the best so are they hoping for you all to have heart attacks??? Just curious ;)

  25. This post is one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a while. I am LMAO! Thanks for the laughs!