Sunday, January 11, 2009

What did Santa Bring

Well.....what did Santa bring?.......there were some great suggestions....A COFFEE MAKER...TIM HOLTZ WRAPPED UP IN A BIG BOW...A NEW LAPTOP..but the majority of folks thought it was the CUTTLEBUG....oh dear I well and truly confused you all  but believe me it wasn't all obviously picked up on the recent cards I made with the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders....put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5....but NO....that wasn't my Santa pressie.....I bought that away...away back in the summer and shame on me I haven't really had time to play with it until now. And I really enjoyed reading what you all got from Santa......lucky people.

OK I will put you all out of your misery.....this is the baby I have been "EYEING" up for quite some time.

Nikon D60 Digital SLR Camera
OK it's not a craft item
but without it there would be no piccies on the blog
no DT work uploaded so for me
these are the folks who were spot on
and said it was a camera.....well done

Now the names went in the hat and the
winner is.....

Congratulations...if you e-mail me with your address
I will get your goodie box of alphabets off in the post to you.
And as always....all the names are now in the Big Blog Candy Bowl to be carried forward
to the BIG ONE.

I have been hankering over this camera for some time but being a THRIFTY Scottish lass...just couldn't justify spending that kind of dosh when I have a perfectly good digital camera.....but if it's Santa's dosh....well that's a different story and I LUVS YOU SANTA.     It has so many functions that I am totally confused by them all and am still working it in AUTO MODE....where the camera does all the thinking for you or is it NUMPTIE MODE....let me tell you I haven't got past the NUMPTIE section of the gods it's the size of War and Peace and is a tad heavy going as bedtime reading.  I am not a "read the instructions" kinda I am just going to play around with it and hope for the best...if that doesn't work....then it's back to the manual.  So don 't expect to see fabulous professional looking pics just yet.
And just had to share this with you....this was the sky this morning at 7.00am.....isn't it gorgeous but hey it looks a tad angry to me.....does this mean we are in for stormy weather.

And talking of weather......I have steam comin' outta my ears....will tell all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath XXXXXX


  1. wow congrats Alison ......
    Well i was nearly ther lol....

    Emma xxx

  2. Well done Alison - great minds! Enjoy.
    Jen x

  3. congrats allison..xx and well done to the others that had the right answer xx

    i didn't enter cause i thought it was only fair,having just won the last gorgeous candy.

    but thanks kath,it was great reading everyones comment...esp saying its a

    those pic's of the sky this morning are lovely,did you take them with you new camera?
    you could use them in a scrapbook or on a card!!
    hope your having a great weekend hugs clare xx

  4. Congrats to Alison!

    lovely photos but sky dose look a bit angry....

    stay warm.
    love teen x

  5. Ooh Kath you lucky lucky thing! I have also been eyeing up a Nikon (although the one down to yours D40). Santa didn't bring mine though. Ah well! Enjoy playing with your new toy - looking forward to seeing some ace photographs on your blog :o)


    PS. Congrats to Alison on the candy win x

  6. Jings me, thank you Kath will send you an email. What a fab camera that is. I'm still in numptie mode for mine too and I got it in August lol. Fab piccis what is they say Red sky in the morning Shephards warning!!

  7. Wow Kath, You lucky girl. A digital SLR is top of my wish list at the moment :) Kim

  8. Big congrats to Alison and thank you Kath for the chance to have won.
    Emma x

  9. Congratulation's to Alison well done. I cant belive how close i was to winning well im now sulking lol lol only joking lol lol.
    Paula xxxx

  10. Congrats Alison well done you :)
    Val xxx

  11. Well I would NEVER have guessed right Kath!
    That is one serious camera - Numptie mode is the best mode or dig your head in the sand and press mode as I call it. I only have a wee Samsung and have no idea how to use all it's glorious funtions the manual is crap and like you I hate reading it because you just forget and then have to get the manual back out again! Grrr!
    Wither dinna spik to me aboot wither!!!!! Double Grrrr!!


  12. P.s That sky is unbelievable - looks a bit like fire and damnation to me!!!! He He!!

  13. the sunrises have been stunning lately - I can see the sun coming up over the sea here and its stunning. My camera's nae as fancy as yours though lol

  14. Congrats Alison:)
    oooh I love your camera Kath...Have `fun` with it!!!Yaah...:)

  15. Enjoy your new camera, I have the Canon 20D a few years ago and love it.
    Beautiful photos!!

  16. Yay Allison! Great guessing you three! Kath, that's looks like a fantastic camera! I've always been intimidated by any camera that allows me to adjust all of the bells and whistles! That sky picture is amazing!!!!