Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Good....The Sad and the Sorry

Hi I'm not back with a challenge but an apology.....and I think Mr "P**s Me Around" Blogger should be apologising too.....boy he didn't have give me the run around last night.....spent the whole evening trying to upload some pics for scheduled posts....and he wasn't co-operating.....doesn't he know I am on a schedule this week....gave up in disgust at 11.00pm but no time left for my usual visits to all my bloggy buds and leaving comments on my challenge blogs.
The good news is we have a new member joining the "Funky Hand Family"....Lythan is joining the Design Team at Funky Hand and I can't wait to see what she creates with Anice's gorgeous papers.   Mind you does she know what she is letting herself in for.....they are all bonkers....apart from me, of course, I am the sensible one.....better be on your best behaviour least for the first few days.  You may know Lythan from the DaringCardmakers Challenge......a very talented and inspirational card maker and scrapbooker....and I love her style.    The sad news...and I am finding this very difficult to put into words...still a bit gobsmacked at the news....Chris is stepping down from the team and I am so going to miss her inspirational style of cardmaking....but it's not all bad.....she will be staying on the TEAM BLOG to support us lesser would we ever cope without her.   She is and has been the backbone of the team....offering comfort and support when we are down and her hilarious takes on life often have me rushing for the Tena all's well that ends well.
Will be catching up with you all later tonight and Mr Blogger BEWARE.    Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. good afternoon kath,im glad it wasnt just me then,that had trouble last night,i was trying for ages to upload a pic of the award i won,and it kept saying error please try again later,but i also notice,that on my blog,and other that they pic's of they cards,was just showing a blank space with a red cross in the top left i couldnt comment on a lot of blogs last night,cause i couldnt see they i thought it was just my computer playing up again.
    glad its all back to normall today.

    thanks for your lovely comment,on my PB card,and thanks for letting me know my goodies are on they way..cant
    take care hugs clare xx

  2. Nice to know I wasn't the only one last night. I use an fotki site to upload my photos but I couldn't comment at all

  3. Ohh I tell ya, the air was tres bleu in here last night. I kept going to different blogs and there were the words but no pics. He is a ruddy pain when he wants to be and I get so hacked off. He needs a good kick up the jacksie quite frankly, and after last night there would be a queue a mile long offering to do it. But we would be at the front love, you and me together!!! So don't mess with us pair Mr B if you are reading this :)) xxxxx

  4. Catching up... AGAIN... and though I'm not sure if I'm supposed to... don't shoot me down in flames... I am choking with laughter because hey missus between you and me and the kitchen sink... missing mojo's and mr blogger playing silly b*ggars, sleepless nights and unruly appliances... me and thee are having such a time of it things can only go upwards on onwards from now on....roflpmsl
    oh you do my heart good you really do!!
    Chris xx

  5. Afternoon my fabby bud, yip Mr blogger has given me run around too although he wouln't let me view any picis last night. Just put the puter on today to find my stat counter has disappeared. Have a fab evening, looking forward to seeing more of Lytham work off to nosey at her blog, toodles.

  6. hehehe you are a case- and I thought I was the sane one of the group!!! Don't think Lythan knows what she is getting into!

  7. Kath i had the very same problem last night it eventually gave in about 10 to 12 and let me post my WOJ challenge stuff but five more mins and it would have been in the middle of the drive xxxx

    Emma xxx

  8. I have also had blogger problems.
    hope it is all resolved soon.

    Good luck to Chris too xxx

  9. Awww, Kath! Thank you for those sweet comments! (And thanks Tina, as well.)

    Yeh, and poor Lythan... Little does she suspect... (cackle, cackle)... ;o)

    Hehe! xx

  10. Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. Love your blog

    Suzanne x