Friday, January 2, 2009

the first award of 2009

It's award time again......and I got this one from the lovely fabby team mate on TYI who lives not a million miles away in the beautiful North East of Scotland...and WE ARE going to meet up of my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.......and no doubt....blether for Scotland about crafting.
In the time honoured fashion....I have to pass this one on...well you know me folks I can't ever single out certain folks.....hey wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings by missing them I am awarding this to all the folks who have nothing better to do with their time but pop on over here and read the ramblings of a mad old crafter.......can't blame you really....there ain't nothing decent on TV...same old...same old.....and please don't anybody dare mention Big Brother.
Now DANCING ON ICE.....back on 11th January that's more my cuppa tea...
I have always had a fascination for ice-dancing and can remember when Torvill & Dean won their Gold Medal with the Balero routine......gliding elegantly along at breakneck speed on 2 thin blades and at the same time doing spins, jumps.....seems entirely scary to me and I've never tried ski-ing... one of the great loves of my life.....sadly curtailed in recent years due to a severe lack of snow.....seems to me a far less scary pastime...for starters you have 2 huge planks attached to your feet... you don't have to dance with your partner....and any spins are definitely unintentional as was my one and only somersault.....picture the scene... I'm flying down a hill at breakneck speed....momentarily distracted by a rather dishy guy teaching a class of beginners......crossed my skis and DISASTER loomed......skis stopped dead but I kept going and did a perfect somersault landing back on my feet and continued downhill...hey that would have been a standing ovation at the Winter Olympics.....don't know who was more surprised THE DISHY GUY OR ME.....but believe me I have never.. ever..ever.. tried to do it again.......acrobat I am not.......I like both feet on the ground at all times!!!
Back tomorrow with the first challenge of 2009 on Penny Black Saturday.....catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath XXXXXX


  1. Well done on your award! now, I am in agreement on the whole Big brother guff..more like bog bother!
    I love dancing on ice!

  2. Congrats on the award!! I bet your acrobats were certainly a sight to remember!! I've never been snow skiing or ice skating. I believe it would definitely end up on sports bloopers however!!

  3. He He!!
    You are a hoot Mrs Kath!
    Oooh! I love Dancing on Ice - that headbanger is mental - don't know how they can bring themselves to do it!!
    Eeeh I didn't think you were a skiier Kath - only ever did it for a week in Voss in Norway never been so bloomin' scared in all my life - bloomin' glacier we were on and not experienced enough - I don't know how I survived the week (School trip) many moons ago - very scarey stuff - no baby slopes for us - I am speaking mega mountains!!! ROFL when I think about it!!!
    Will definitely have to meet up this year Kath - it's a done deal!!!!

    Is there a PB challenge tomorrow

  4. Pmsl at your tale of skiing....
    Congrats on your award and I am sorry to say O am watching big brother!!!! Lol
    Emma x

  5. Lol Kath I love the way you tell a tale! You really make me chuckle :o)

    I'm with you with the dancing on ice thing. I can't wait!!!

  6. Brilliant work and superb creations on your blog